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I spent several hours today going through [ profile] queenofstripes and [ profile] postrodent's CD collection, and putting them into my computer. They've disposed with the cases, so the process involved binders full of discs, and a handful of Post-it notes to mark the discs I wanted.

I... I had to do something with the little yellow bits after they served their purpose. I couldn't just let them be thrown away essentially unused.

And then, well, they're silly things drawn on sticky notes. They, um... have to stick to something, don't they?

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Oct. 26th, 2005 01:03 pm
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Woo, this USB2.0 scanner is tons faster than my old one. It's the same line - a Canon CanoScan LIDE 60 - but the revised interface makes it scream. A color scan runs faster than a greyscale one did on the old unit.

And the new driver has a funky little "multi-scan" feature that lets you put several things on the platen at once and scan to separate files. Clever. Now to go root out the CPU-wasting program that listens for the "scan/copy/email/pdf" buttons on the front, 'cause I only ever scan into Photoshop...

Enough geekery. Here's some sketches. Including the Dalek Babe concept sketch some of you have heard of.

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This has been a really image-heavy journal of late, hasn't it? Admittedly most of this entry's stuff has been sitting around for a week or three; after I got my own computer I've been loathe to touch anyone else's for a while, even to scan a few things on Rik's scanner.


Jul. 19th, 2005 01:50 pm
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A couple things from the Anthrocon trip/Boston visit. I might scan a few more things once I look through the bigger sketchbook.

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Jul. 2nd, 2005 01:03 am
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With help from [ profile] paka.

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Jun. 7th, 2005 06:07 pm
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New small-sized sketchbook. It's one of those yuppified "Moleskine" books, purchased at the art store in Santa Cruz by Sammi. We were vaguely curious about them, and thought it'd be amusing to mock them. They're not bad, and nice to draw in with a pen texturally, but too small for one to actually work for me - I need to use something with a smaller point than a fountain pen, at that scale. It does, however, fit perfectly in my coat pocket.. So I'm filling it up with mechanical pencil doodles.

It's a nice little sketchbook, but it makes me feel like a trendoid, and it costs a bit much. But it is cute. It's also easier to scan than my usual books 'cause it lies flatter.

Late last night - something like 1AM - I went over to Ashy's place. We got a little drunk, I doodled some, we talked. We had vile donuts from 7-11.

Here's some doodles from this weekend and yesternight.

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More Alice fetish noodling. See, I popped into Second Life for a bit because I wanted to give [ profile] mharpold8 a turning windup key I'd made a while back, and see some of his outfits, including an Alice one. And [ profile] dv_girl was on 2L so she came to look too, and after seeing Matt's Alice drag she suggested "Cheshire Cat dressed up as Alice!"

Matt liked the idea and so did I. So I scribbled it out. This is, of course, a fetish Alice. Why does BDSM go together so well with Alice in Wonderland?

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Also, [ profile] dv_girl is thinking of getting some piercings, and would like to tap the knowledge of my larger selection of Freaks in the SF area. Who's got first- or second-hand stories of places around here? Up in the city is fine.
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Two weird scribbles with story behind them of sorts. Both quickly tarted up in Photoshop instead of the usual Illustrator treatment, though I might do AI on one or both. Contains boobs, you're warned.

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It's getting hot out. Going for a walk in the sun becomes a slightly less pleasant proposition when it can induce headaches.

I've been feeling generally sexier lately, which is good. Read more... )

I will definitely be going to Anthrocon this July, and hanging out around Boston with [ profile] postvixen and [ profile] postrodent for a week or so afterwards. Bliss! Especial bonus bliss if I can scare up a Mac laptop to load my working environment onto so I can kinda keep up with freelance web-game work while there. Anthrocon is only half the excuse for the visit; the other is that the lavavixen's birthday and mine straddle the 4th of July - she's the 3rd, I'm the 5th.

So yes. Bliss!

Yesterday I fooled around with changing the icons on my system to something prettier but it didn't work out. Back to the system default ones. Little graphic icons don't work against my graphic art as a backdrop. I do this now and then and it never works, against my art, but I don't want heavy-outline icon sets, or whatever. I did, however, finally get around to changing the ugly icons for Illustrator and Photoshop CS to the ones from AI10 and PS7. The old ones can be distinguished from each other; the ones for CS are really hard to tell apart because they're all more interested in carrying the CS brand than the individual program. I've gone to the dock and launched Photoshop when I want Illustrator, or vice-versa, too many times since switching to CS.

I found out there was an update to the image gallery package I use on my website. I suspect I ought to upgrade, as I know there've been some security holes patched between 1.4.4 and now. I also suspect it'll be a pain, as I did a lot of hacking on mine. It's sure to be a couple days of twiddling to learn its new skin system and build a skin for my layout, and some of the other things I've tweaked...

Also, some silly scribbles from recent days.

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More silly fragments.

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These are from a week or two ago. The Mad Trip to Hollywood made me forget about these.

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May. 3rd, 2005 02:20 am
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Animation! (380k, Quicktime.)

"This drawing isn't Q enough. It's more like H. Maybe I. Certainly not Q." *redraw* "Yeah. Now that's going through Q." - me, doing drawing #15.

Way too long since I've done this stuff. Not great, but pretty damn good for someone who hasn't done any animation for, like, five fucking years and wasn't even warmed up when she started drawing it.

Edit: [ profile] rhinoscillator made some sound for it! See? (544k, mpeg1, because [ profile] postrodent's machine disliked quicktime mpeg4.)
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Partially based on [ profile] winduptoy threatening to draw a pervy Cheshire cat. Partially based on an image Sammi gave me Sunday (body painted one color, vinyl strips of a contrasting color wound loosely around), partially based on a Cheshire Cat I drew a few years back.
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Today we went to Santa Cruz. Sammi's newly-magenta hair was cool, and I saw a lava lamp the size of my torso. Not some sort of faux lava lampoid thing, this was the real deal; unfortunately it was turned off.

No guesses needed as to who passed through my mind as I touched its cold, inactive, glass curve. Who else?

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Apr. 2nd, 2005 10:39 pm
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I think one of the most important things I learnt around Spümcø is to not be afraid to draw badly when I need to.

Ashy visited last night. Lying out on the table is a copy of a World of Warcraft book with a gloomy elfy guy on the cover. She looked at this and giggled. "Lord Drac-o-lantern Gothymeister!" she dubbed this guy.

I wrote this down in my sketchbook. A little later, I drew him!

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I'm just not afraid to draw something badly any more - not if it comes out funny.

Also, I roughed this out a few days ago:Mind-control and tentacles! )
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I drew some fan-art of Raziel. He's just SO GOTH it HURTS.

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And then I went hiking with Sammi and Stacey and Jon and Chirik and I really need to get some shoes that have, you know, traction before I do this again because going down the gravelly path in Converse really sucked. The high point was Sammi and I perching on some rocks doing Duelling Yodellers; I was told that I won. I guess I learnt something from working around Spümcø all those years after all.


Feb. 5th, 2005 09:25 pm
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Doodles from here and there.

A bunch of them are random concept fiddling for future costumes. I don't know if any of them will ever happen.

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