Jul. 18th, 2006 05:35 pm
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Hey, it's USB memory sticks from Sandbenders. (Idoru reference.)

On (x) I am... - a website to let you easily link all your online identities. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure this is a good idea. Do I want people to know who I am in every context? Mostly I just point things back to my own website, where I show my LJ and my various IM addresses. But I really don't want to list each and every account on everywhere. I suppose this might be good for people who don't have any kind of web presence, where they can have a centralized list of what they want to expose.

Anyone want to do porn of these? "It would be fun to draw nasty, yiffy, kinky porn of them. Except I'd imagine just about all of them would realistically be voyeurs." - me when [ profile] protocat IMed me about this. Also, Crypto Cat™ is trans: I remember seeing an earlier version of the kids section, featuring a definitely male mascot named Crypto Cat™. She got a sex change along with her redesign, I guess!

I'd definitely make her a pre-op if I drew any CryptoKids™ pr0n.

to examine

May. 31st, 2006 11:57 am
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Links found in the comments on a Slashdot post asking about cartoon software. There were some other programs mentioned too but they didn't look promising.

Tweenmaker - interesting-looking 2D animation package. Its main feature seems to be letting you help it do tweens for you by defining bones in your drawing. Win-only, unfortunately. mac port in progress. Some very full animation in the gallery.

Similarly, Synfig. Open-source, Win/Mac/*nix. Demos are kinda mushy and studenty, but there's some nice effects happening in there.

Moho as some interesting ideas along the 'bones' line as well, but every single piece in the gallery is stiff and puppety.

also, I should ponder tossing a portfolio/reel at Global Mechanic. They're in Boston, they do commercials and series. Hey, why not.

Also AnimSlider is a little Flash editor plugin that looks like it frees me from that shitty, flow-killing "smart" properties inspector panel.
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Design Meltdown - "design elements, trends, & problems in web design". If you want to make a hip, trendy website, this has lots of breakdown of the current trends. I barely fit into the "Let the Art Speak" design element with mine. This kinda makes me smile - I feel like there's a relatively consistent look to my site, and it's not really hip and withit and requiring redesign every other month. I'm getting a little tired of parts of the look, but if I do any redesign, it'll be subtle, and more a polishing than a remaking.


Jun. 24th, 2005 03:00 pm
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This is not the greatest thing ever, but it made me laugh. A rap version of the theme to the Prisoner! (sorry, RealMedia.)

I blame [ profile] queenofstripes for the fact that I'm browsing through the Beeb's 'cult television' site.

Also, they have a gallery of Servalan looking hot. Ohhh yes!!!

just a link

Apr. 9th, 2005 06:10 pm
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Rik, I'm sure you'll appreciate the irony of this... the gloss on it in boingboing, where I found it, is amusing too.

little bits

Apr. 6th, 2005 08:28 pm
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Hey, music-types I know. Would you like to jam with dead pianists? I see a couple of Joplin's rags played by him in the first batch, for instance. There might be some similar gems in the other ones. Why have them play on naturalistic pianos, either?

Doctor Who continues to be cool (Julia brought over a copy of the second episode last night). It'll get better once the new companion's culture shock wears off; I found myself really hoping the tree-girl who was flirting with the Doctor would hop in the TARDIS at the end. Sadly, this was not to be. She was urbane, witty, and had a data-toy that talked back to her in birdsong - and there was a sort of sexual tension between her and the Doctor!

Also, this might be fun. Anyone?


Apr. 1st, 2005 04:17 am
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pianoprint - the website of the guy who was responsible for the mysterious, now-vanished, which is probably more of an influence on me than I like to admit. It really made me start thinking about what you can do when you cut things down to the bare minimum, and beyond.

Oh, wait. Not vanished after all, but perhaps trying too hard to be Enigmatic now. I liked it better before there were the frames, just one big weird animation that filled your whole browser window.

Link source: Drawn.


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