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There's glitter in my cleavage.

I think that sentence really sums up everything that's changed about me in the past year and a half. I never would have imagined that I'd look in the mirror before going for a walk, and grab a tube of glitter and dump some on my head and down between my boobs. Because it's sunny, and it's a silly thing to do.

I like being this person a hell of a lot more than I liked being a nervous, hidden boy.
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Well. That was interesting. Sammi and I were out walking when a car pulled up beside us. It was [ profile] roon and [ profile] amilori driving around thinking about dinner. They'd been wanting to visit for a bit, since their temporary home is very very close, but the scheduling involved never happened.

So we ended up hopping in their car! And visiting the crafts store, and their luxurious double-wide transitional trailer, and then we had pizza! And I learnt that being a Porn Disapprover for Yahoo! is a disturbing job.

Conversation was random and silly and ofttimes lewd.

Then they got introduced to the new washer-dryer machine, which is, I swear, from Charmwarp. She's so cute and she makes such happy noises! Every alert is a happy, upbeat sequence of bleeps! And laundry will no longer be an epic quest to make happen!

Life is good.

ps. more coherent description of events by Roon
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I animated tonight. For the first time in... Too long.

Just a fraction. But it's distinctly my design. My timing. Me. No trying to work from other people's drawings, chopping them up in that horrible Flash way I got stuck in. No planning, I just sat down with some punched paper and a marker and started drawing.

Sammi had wanted to go to the lab at school to get a little work done, and in a what-the-hell moment, I came along. And grabbed some of the paper she punched and just sat there.

It feels good. I miss it.

I went through Q* on every breakdown. Oh yeah.

No planning, no design. Didn't worry about keeping the volumes too consistent. I just drew.

We got chased out just as I was about to start working from the second pose into the third one. It wasn't much. I dunno if I'll put it online. After digesting food I might fill out the rest (I drew three keys, then did some funky breakdowns between them, and then filled in from the first key to the first breakdown in semi-random order).

Crap. I can still animate. I can draw stuff and have fun and make it move.

I'd kinda forgotten about that.

* "going through Q" - my own slang for the method of working that Richard Williams espouses in his book on animation. Essentially, if you have drawing A and drawing E, the obvious thing to do is to draw C, then B and D. It's simple and easy. But character and acting happen when, instead, you go from A to E via Q. Going through Q is where you can show how this character does a motion. It's also just more fun.

Also, my hair is yellow-and-blue-becomes-green. I don't think it works. Not on me, at least, maybe on nobody. It was an experiment because the yellow-and-purple was fading fast.
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Ever since looking at the pictures of me with the newly-dyed yellow/purple/orange hair, I've been feeling better-looking. And I've been daring to wear a few shirts I used to feel silly and awkward in. Ones cut a little higher on the stomach, shorter sleeves, built for someone with tits and a waist. "Baby-doll" shirts, really. Not extreme, tiny ones, but that class of things. Clearly-for-girls.

I really feel more out-of-place in the XL t-shirts I used to hide in. And a little weird in a boy's tee that's my size, too.

Right now I'm wearing this tight girl's shirt with a punk Hello Kitty on it. I got it several years ago. I've barely ever worn it. It always looked weird to me when I put it on. Now it looks fine.

Confidence grows so slowly, doesn't it?

I need to refresh my hair dye, though. It's fading fast.
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We just watched the first episode of the new Doctor Who series. I feel like a giddy teenager again! Armies of mannequins and Evil Plastic from Space and the butchest Doctor ever. I mean, he looks punk.

I was never into Trek when I was a kid. Trek coming back again and again wasn't something I cared about. But Doctor Who... yeah. There's a lot of energy in the first episode of the new series: it's a little awkward, but you can tell that everyone involved is just delighted to be working on, you know, Doctor Who. It's cheesy, it's cheap, and I don't care because it's Doctor fucking Who and it's okay if the effects are silly and the plot a little dopey because the show's just fun.

Daleks and Cybermen and the good ol' Sonic Screwdriver looking tackier than ever and costume dramas and in-jokes and who knows what else they'll bring back if the show goes for more than a season? Think we'll see the Master return? Oh, I'm going all fangirl in a way I haven't in ages.

I dread the prospect of a flood of "this is my Doctor's Companion fan character" and "this is my Galifreyan character", but, um, I kinda want to participate in that, just a little. HOT GALIFREYAN PORN AHOY!


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