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So [ profile] dv_girl IMed me this link today. A pointer to a blog post, talking about a new attraction in Second Life.

A group of animated statues. That you can, ah, ride. Or maybe I should say "ride". And some of them will give you a souvenir when the "ride" is over - ride the unicorn, get a cute baby unicorn you can carry around; ride the spider, get a cute baby spider.

This is exactly the kind of thing that Second Life is about enabling, IMHO! So I started up the client and brought my average time in Second Life back up towards, oh, a half hour every month or so. I ended up buying a parasitical insect-larva sex toy the same folks had made, and chatting with them for a bit. And helping to demo their two-person spiderweb playset, since a crowd was gathering.

It's really good to know that people are exploring utterly impossible sex in that medium. I didn't get anything done today because of this, but I had fun watching my various improbable avatars get pronged by unicorns and insects...

Oh, and the folks behind this showed off the cutest spider avatars, too, during the inevitable troll through one's pockets for Cool Avs that always seems to happen when I meet other creator-types in SL. Sexy glow-spider-girl and cute little spider )
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Remember that open-work avatar inspired by "Rez"?

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Isn't she so moody?

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At [ profile] dv_girl's behest I logged into Second Life to check out the orbital launcher she found. Unfortunately it didn't ever get me more than about 150000 meters up - nothing really amazing. I fooled around with some avatar making afterwards; my Interplanet Janet avatar now relies on a pose to curl her legs up inside her body, rather than the glitchiness of invisiprims...

Teleporting home, I discovered my home doesn't exist any more - [ profile] milkpanzer decided to stop paying rent on it, and now it's just an empty space with a "For Rent" sign on it. Kin suggested (after spanking me for being in SL in the first place) that I should just squat there until such time as the new owners kick me out or something, and claim that "I come with the plot". It's the new artist-in-residence program, haven't you heard?

But if anyone out there has some virtual land they'll let me live on, let me know. My usage pattern is to log in maybe once a month - I always seem to have to update the client first - and fiddle around with weird avs, or other weird little constructions. Low-traffic sims are vastly preferred, as my machine kinda chokes on high traffic ones.
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As I threatened I might, I logged onto SL and finished this off. I'd built most of it a while back but with open rectangles; I decided that solid black ones with orange borders was much better, and managed to get a programmatic solution to fixing alllll the rectangles. The invisiprims need a little tweaking here and there.

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I just counted: on Second Life, I have sixteen distinct, different avatars in my inventory. Two are ones I got handed. The rest are all my work. Some are half-finished sketches; some are in the 'depreciated' directory because they're not so good. About half of them are ones I really call "done". There's a few more, but they're slight edits, or archived old versions.

I don't build there; I don't socialize much there; I don't make clothes; I don't sell stuff. I play with code a little, but mostly... I make things to be.

I don't know why, quite. Back on Furrymuck I just never quite trusted people who shifted a lot. Maybe because most of them weren't very interesting, regardless of what shape they were in.

When [ profile] bluewyrm and I were talking, before all the Residents silliness happened, she suggested it might be cool to make a Peganthyrus avatar. I'm done with that mask, I explained; lots of history behind it I needed to get away from. But several of the avatars I have share important characteristics with that mask: blackness, spikiness, and wings. That same feel keeps coming back. I'm just used to being a dark, dangerous thing.

And some of my other avatars are exaggeratedly harmless. Shortish, cute, prone to wearing a turning windup key.

I'll stick to one look for most of a day, when it's done. If that.

I am not any one particular thing, there. I'm one particular thing less, in general, in virtual worlds - on Puzzlebox I mostly play Sosael/etc, who has four codified forms, and several that come and go on the edges, and a tendency to fragment into a swarm of insects. And when I'm a more solidified character, they're still one of five logins I have there. (I haven't been around PB lately; telnetting to my web host to use tinyfugue is terribly awkward and roundabout.)

Do I change masks because I'm looking for a new way to see myself? What am I hoping to see in the shattered mirror of this assortment of femmy, inhuman things? What's missing from them all that keeps me making new things to be on SL? or am I just using SL as a visual medium, and doing what I do all the time in 2D: draw something different every time?

Aside from worries about hormonal backsliding, which're about to be calmed 'cause I got the other check from that freelance stuff, I like what I see when I look in a real mirror.
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Four people sitting around in Second Life. All of them wound up wearing the Alice in Wonderland dress [ profile] mharpold8 made a while back.

"You should make a Cheshire Cat av, Peggy!"

Okay. )


Aug. 5th, 2005 10:05 pm
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Second Life is graced by the benignly unblinking gaze of the Residents. Obviously, this is an alternate version who never lost the fourth eyeball.

Photos/bandwidth/Ms. Blue Eye: [ profile] bluewyrm
Ms. Green Eye: me
Mr. Blue Eye: [ profile] bluewyrm's sweetie Simon.
Ms. Purple Eye: [ profile] happylantern (according to Nightsky's LJ entry on this)

Stills cannot describe the hilarity of seeing a solemn-looking pack of Residents flailing around like lunatics as they play random poses and animations from their collections. It was good, and a lot funnier than it really had any right being. Afterwards, I rebuilt my eyeball-head based on the far superior model Simon had - I think I built it in the second or third day I ever logged onto SL.

Addition: My shots. More of the same, really. But hey.
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After tanning myself some, I wandered back in and booted up Second Life.

I made another avatar, a fairly human one. Then I scried a giant veve across the sky over Sandy's place - which is where I'm set home to in SL. Because it's all about me, I took a closeup shot of this av, too.

The headdress is inspired by a Buddhist meditation bell (a "ghanta") that I saw when wandering through the Boston Museum of Fine Art with [ profile] eselgeist. The bell symbolizes wisdom, and the prongs represent lightning. The wings are just abstracted wings from something I doodled out five minutes before constructing 'em.

And, as always, "all dressed up and nowhere to go" is the rule of the day on SL. I'm really only fooling around there because it's semi-creative and I'm away from my system, with my installs of Illustrator and Savitar.
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So. A week ago I got "married" on Second Life.
Plastic Duck: Hi, do you want to get e-married and be e-robot partners
Mechanique Thirty: That's strangely tempting.
Plastic Duck: is this a yes.
Mechanique Thirty: I must think about this. My humble clockwork brain cannot contain offers of such magnitude all at one time.
Plastic Duck: my old robot wife has been offline for like 2 weeks so I filed a divorce
Plastic Duck: and I was going to marry this random person in w-hat
Plastic Duck: but then I remembered that you have a cool invis prim avatar and we would make cool invis prim partners

Now, the utterly wrong thing about this marriage is the group he mentions: w-hat. W-Hat is pretty much the 2L Something Awful group, and Plastic is one of its officers. I'm on the Other Side here.

But on the other hand, there's something visually compelling about his proposal (that link is to a photo of him and I). Someone who goes around looking like that, or as equally strange things (he has a pink cat avatar, with a tube through her gut), is My Kind Of People, right? And a visit to the w-hat complex is festive and chaotic, or would be if my machine wasn't too slow to handle so many crazy avatars and people hacking strange script effects.

I debated a bit, and decided... why not? I'll treat this e-marriage with all the seriousness it was proposed in. Because he's right, we make cool e-robot invisiprim partners, and that's all there needs to be to it.

Consequences! )

meanwhile, there's art I'm not working on that I'd really like to finish...

(addendum: another shot of me and Plastic, along with a skirt I built last night.)


Apr. 4th, 2005 06:32 am
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I'd been up all stupid Saturday night futzing around in Second Life - yes, I still fool around there. I was making a jetpack, merging together some code I'd scavenged here and there with a bit of modelling and particle effects. Well, more of a surgically-implanted rocket nozzle. Flying higher than a lone character's able to, zooming over the no-way-it-loads-fast-enough world at high speeds, having the exhaust plume come on and off properly. It was pretty cool.

It also kept me up all night. We'd planned to go see a mid-day showing of Sin City and I ended up just not sleeping. Jon came over and Sammi and Stacey and I had dim sum with Es and a friend of hers, then Es had decided to opt out of the movie, so it was just four people seeing the thing.

I'm not sure if tiredness was the cause, or that the movie was disconnected and painful, but I found it hard to get into. It did a gorgeous job of adapting Miller's strong visuals, with most of the movie looking like the storyboards were scissored out of the comics... but it really just wasn't watchable. I wasn't able to ignore my filling bladder. It focused entirely on precise reproduction of the cartoonishly-exaggerated violence. Every word was from the comics, every shot was from the comics, but there were real people there. Beating the shit out of each other, pumping far too many bullets out of guns. Blood rendered as thick white ooze is, perhaps, worse than a realistic splatter... I really can't recommend it.

Each shot is lovely, but the whole of it is... nasty. Plus the only sinning really on display is lots and lots of violence; there's none of the sex that permeates the original comics, or the source material that inspired them. There's one half-assed scene of Nancy dancing and that's about it; there's no bad sex in starkly-lit beds, shadows of blinds across the writhing bodies like prison bars. Yeah, it opens with a post-coital Marv, part of it involves the hookers of Old Town, but there's no sex at all, just violence galore.

I was very glad for color, when we left the theatre. I fell asleep as soon as we got back, and didn't dream at all. I think I'm going back to sleep.
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So last night I was on Second Life. Again. I played around with making a skin. A sort of raccoon girl thing. I called this one Charlotte-Sophia, though I didn't build a Sophia to wrap around her - all I built was ears and a tail. Which looked pretty decent.

I ended up staying on far, far too late. Not doing much, just holing up in a remote sandbox faffing about building bits of nothing-in-particular.

Then [ profile] postvixen IMed me, in a very literate, imaginative, verbal mood (yay!), and it really made me realize what I'm not getting out of Second Life. I'm not getting anything remotely resembling socialization - and isn't that the whole point of any kind of multiplayer game? My entire time with it so far has been lurking somewhere quiet building weirdness, wandering around slow-to-load landscapes that are all too often filled with garish vendors of people's products, and occasionally showing up somewhere to sorta converse, sorta show off my avatars.

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I finalized the ribbony spirally avatar, I think. Built a tighter mesh of "invisible boxes" to hide unsightly flesh in and carefully positioned the actual shapes against them. Then, since the whole thing is all geometry, I instantiated the parts and put them together into a giant statue.

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While we were doing this, a guy wandered in and was kinda being spazzy - just running around, pulling stuff out of his pockets and shooting and driving wildly. Then Sammi had this out-of-the-blue suggestion of making a giant spoon and a giant dish to wear and running away, but the guy was intrigued when we started doing this - he asked how you make stuff, and I told him politely, and he seemed to really start getting into it - I could see him out of the corner of my eye as I built a giant plate with a giant cone of Lime Ham on it, and he was experimenting with some of the advanced sliders.

Then Sammi and I went to the welcome area, took out our giant spoons, bowed to each other, and fought a duel to the not-death.

It was that kind of night.

I left a copy of the Giant Jaylene Slide statue in one of the major sandboxes in the world - Cordova 174, 51 if you have an account and want to go see it in person.
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I made yet another Second Life avatar today.

Codename: "Jaylene Slide". Inspired by the description of a hacker's avatar in Gibson's "Count Zero".

Open and swirly. )

Much Later: Revised it after asking a question on the forums; now a lot of the prims are bi-colored, for better contrast. Tried a heart as suggested in comments; didn't go for it. Maybe a cape of falling particles behind her. I'm not sure if the invisibility field over the 'real' body will obscure those.

I've spent a day making my virtual self into a refugee from an eighties CG demo. Aiee!
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Ashy drifted over and tried out Second Life via Sammi's machine. I made her a hat. And I made a completely different avatar for myself, too. These things happen.

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Second Life Day 2: A motorcycle for a cock and Sushi K. hair.

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I know I know I know everyone does this when they get these things going. But hey! I managed to start to figure out how to make crap like insect eye goggles and t-shirts and stuff! And saw some other interesting things. I promise I won't post an assload more of these kinds of things, honest. Also, I think I'm doing this to avoid really sitting down and thinking about the fact that the next piece of art I do and put online will have about 400 people looking at it, when I roughly estimate live LJ accounts watching me + live DA accounts now watching me - secondary accounts + people who don't watch me in ways that are as easily tallied.

Warning: Second Life screenshots ahead. )

I find this thing just demands attention in a way a muck doesn't. Partially because even idle, it's sitting there using 70% of my processor power...

oh dear

Mar. 14th, 2005 06:20 pm
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So Stacey came home from GDC with a code to get into Second Life without paying ten bucks. Sammi tried it last night, and I tried it today. My machine is way too slow for this thing. I'm lucky if I get, like, 3fps. Especially in crowded areas.

dorky screenshots )


Mar. 13th, 2005 01:52 am
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"Skid Row Fursuiter's behind me - and he's playing Bananaphone!!!" - Sammi, trying Second Life.

(Also, she's talking to a black and red dragon with a big socket on his groin.)


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