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Having my hair a blue/purple color makes me feel like a sex droid.

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Huh. The bleach completely sucked out the blue, but left some of the yellow and pinkish. Might be that those two colors were in deeper, since they'd been on more than a couple of days.

I think I was almost platinum blonde. Depending on how the light hit my hair, it was nearly colorless. I've been thinking of trying that for a long time but never quite had the guts to bleach it hard enough.

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So my yellow-and-purple hair was starting to fade badly. It had a certain something, but it was way too pale for my taste. I refreshed the yellow dye, then splurped some Electric Blue down the sides and back.

It didn't really work very well. Read more... )

Also, while I'm putting silly photos up, here's a couple from the Hollywood trip. Read more... )
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I animated tonight. For the first time in... Too long.

Just a fraction. But it's distinctly my design. My timing. Me. No trying to work from other people's drawings, chopping them up in that horrible Flash way I got stuck in. No planning, I just sat down with some punched paper and a marker and started drawing.

Sammi had wanted to go to the lab at school to get a little work done, and in a what-the-hell moment, I came along. And grabbed some of the paper she punched and just sat there.

It feels good. I miss it.

I went through Q* on every breakdown. Oh yeah.

No planning, no design. Didn't worry about keeping the volumes too consistent. I just drew.

We got chased out just as I was about to start working from the second pose into the third one. It wasn't much. I dunno if I'll put it online. After digesting food I might fill out the rest (I drew three keys, then did some funky breakdowns between them, and then filled in from the first key to the first breakdown in semi-random order).

Crap. I can still animate. I can draw stuff and have fun and make it move.

I'd kinda forgotten about that.

* "going through Q" - my own slang for the method of working that Richard Williams espouses in his book on animation. Essentially, if you have drawing A and drawing E, the obvious thing to do is to draw C, then B and D. It's simple and easy. But character and acting happen when, instead, you go from A to E via Q. Going through Q is where you can show how this character does a motion. It's also just more fun.

Also, my hair is yellow-and-blue-becomes-green. I don't think it works. Not on me, at least, maybe on nobody. It was an experiment because the yellow-and-purple was fading fast.
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Today we went to Santa Cruz. Sammi's newly-magenta hair was cool, and I saw a lava lamp the size of my torso. Not some sort of faux lava lampoid thing, this was the real deal; unfortunately it was turned off.

No guesses needed as to who passed through my mind as I touched its cold, inactive, glass curve. Who else?

Also, I doodled. )


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