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bad google

May. 8th, 2005 12:20 am
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This is what happens when you Google for "dalek sex". You find gems like the hint file to "Doctor Who and the Vortex of Lust".

Unfortunately the game itself seems to only run on Windows machines. Or maybe "fortunately" is the word.

Also, while on this futile quest for Dalek slash, I found a story that involved Ace and the Doctor having sex. Sammi wouldn't let me read any of it for horror value because she only wants to hear lesbian fantasies about that character. Or maybe stories about Ace and a Dalek. "He slid his exterminator up my hot..." Never mind.

The Internet disappoints me. i cannot find Dalek porn.

Who can I persuade to play a Dalek on Puzzlebox so I can have horrible Dalek sex fantasies?


MORE DALEK PORN! (realplayer, ugh. Thanks, [ profile] ovon! <3 )

Bob the Angry Flower gets a Dalek Shell (not porn, but funny)

Honestly, I'm kinda embarrassed by the way I'm reacting to the new "Who". I was never a drooling fan of any SF show before. Except, I guess, the Doctor. I'd watch it whenever it came on Channel 12 - the New Orleans PBS station. I think everyone in the States who's around my age saw the Doctor on their local PBS station, in those pre-cable days. Half the new episodes are half-assed - I'm getting sick of every episode being on Earth, I want to see some adventures in Time and Space, and sweet fuck I'm gonna want to hurt someone if the Doctor takes on a companion who promptly spends the next episode going into a xenophobic mope for the third time. But here I am looking for Dalek porn. It's an ironic thing, but it's a sincere, insane desirous thing, too.

"Servalan/Dalek slash," Sammi suggested.



May. 4th, 2005 02:17 am
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So Ashy came over and watched the new episode of Doctor Who with me. It was kinda sad. But it was also kinda... silly. Spoiler! )

Then we somehow ended up in my bed, squinting at the little laptop and trying to make sense of Stalag 99. I'm not sure why. This sort of thing just happens.

little bits

Apr. 6th, 2005 08:28 pm
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Hey, music-types I know. Would you like to jam with dead pianists? I see a couple of Joplin's rags played by him in the first batch, for instance. There might be some similar gems in the other ones. Why have them play on naturalistic pianos, either?

Doctor Who continues to be cool (Julia brought over a copy of the second episode last night). It'll get better once the new companion's culture shock wears off; I found myself really hoping the tree-girl who was flirting with the Doctor would hop in the TARDIS at the end. Sadly, this was not to be. She was urbane, witty, and had a data-toy that talked back to her in birdsong - and there was a sort of sexual tension between her and the Doctor!

Also, this might be fun. Anyone?
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We just watched the first episode of the new Doctor Who series. I feel like a giddy teenager again! Armies of mannequins and Evil Plastic from Space and the butchest Doctor ever. I mean, he looks punk.

I was never into Trek when I was a kid. Trek coming back again and again wasn't something I cared about. But Doctor Who... yeah. There's a lot of energy in the first episode of the new series: it's a little awkward, but you can tell that everyone involved is just delighted to be working on, you know, Doctor Who. It's cheesy, it's cheap, and I don't care because it's Doctor fucking Who and it's okay if the effects are silly and the plot a little dopey because the show's just fun.

Daleks and Cybermen and the good ol' Sonic Screwdriver looking tackier than ever and costume dramas and in-jokes and who knows what else they'll bring back if the show goes for more than a season? Think we'll see the Master return? Oh, I'm going all fangirl in a way I haven't in ages.

I dread the prospect of a flood of "this is my Doctor's Companion fan character" and "this is my Galifreyan character", but, um, I kinda want to participate in that, just a little. HOT GALIFREYAN PORN AHOY!


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