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“This place is going to look like Little Somalia,” Brig. Gen. Gary Jones, commander of the Louisiana National Guard’s Joint Task Force told Army Times Friday as hundreds of armed troops under his charge prepared to launch a massive citywide security mission from a staging area outside the Louisiana Superdome. “We’re going to go out and take this city back. This will be a combat operation to get this city under control.” - Army Times, via BoingBoing.

I did not need to hear this.

I have a rant building up about all this shit, about Bush wanting to go off and play war in Iraq. The only fucking solution this administration has for anything at all is to fucking shoot at it. At their own fucking citizens. Yes, the people left in NO are going crazy: they've been left in the middle of a fucking disaster area for a goddamn week while the government sat on its ass and wanked off. They've been WADING AROUND IN A GIANT SEWER THAT USED TO BE THEIR HOME. And now the fucking army is going to have fucking firefights in the city. Well, there goes the parts thatdid survive the goddamn hurricane. Meanwhile, by all reports I've seen, the people who couldn't afford to flee the city under their own power have been dumped in other stadiums, where any and all supplies are completely lacking. But we can send in dozens of goddamn armored vehicles to BLOW SHIT UP.

This fucking administration turned the national disaster relief infrastructure into a joke sub-sector of their bullshit fearmongering "security" agency, they siphoned all the money of the whole country into (a) their pockets and (b) blowing up Iraq; because of this my fucking home town is DROWNED, and now the people left in it are going to be SHOT AT.

Xeni talks about the fact that the article uses the word "insurgency" in her post. Maybe "insurgency" is the right word after all. How far can this shit go? How hard can this country get screwed before things break? How the fuck did it get this far? Yeah, it's a fucking mess there. If I was stuck there and had a fucking gun, I might be using it too. This is bordering on the kind of shit that starts rebellions.

What kind of gross goddamn imcompetence is going on that it takes a week and a half for government involvement in a catastrophe in one of the oldest cities in the fucking country, and when it comes, it's the ARMY. With their GUNS OUT.

I want to scream.

Instead, I will look at a series of Alice in Wonderland fashion shots (link also from BoingBoing) and go to bed. (PS. The start of Looking-glass is particularly hot.)

Article text, because I bet it might be amended soon:

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Aug. 5th, 2005 10:05 pm
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Second Life is graced by the benignly unblinking gaze of the Residents. Obviously, this is an alternate version who never lost the fourth eyeball.

Photos/bandwidth/Ms. Blue Eye: [ profile] bluewyrm
Ms. Green Eye: me
Mr. Blue Eye: [ profile] bluewyrm's sweetie Simon.
Ms. Purple Eye: [ profile] happylantern (according to Nightsky's LJ entry on this)

Stills cannot describe the hilarity of seeing a solemn-looking pack of Residents flailing around like lunatics as they play random poses and animations from their collections. It was good, and a lot funnier than it really had any right being. Afterwards, I rebuilt my eyeball-head based on the far superior model Simon had - I think I built it in the second or third day I ever logged onto SL.

Addition: My shots. More of the same, really. But hey.
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Sammi wrote about it from her point of view. It covers the basic outline.

I'm still in a weird mood from it, and some other stuff in the back of my head, but I thought I should point that out and write something about it all myself, since people are asking...

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Jon came by to visit today, but I just hid. I'm really not ready to talk to people.
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2:29. On the road.

The moon is low in the sky and yellow-orange. It looks like a Cocoino County moon. Like a potato chip hanging heavy in the sky.

Herriman is smiling upon our absurd, mythic quest.

Oh yeah.

Also, we did eighty down the 405.

At Ken's place earlier than we thought. Being back in LA is... weird. There was a catch in my breath when we crested the hills and I saw a grid of lights out to the horizon. What if I never leave again?
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We're going to Hollywood tonight!

See, Ralph's gonna be at a showing of "Wizards" and "Coonskin" down at the Egyptian tomorrow night. And since I was just THINKING about him, how could I resist when Sammi suggested this?

Stacey actually said we could go. In fact, she initially wanted to come, but didn't want to drive down tonight. Only tomorrow morning. Screw that; it's dumber to do it TONIGHT.

I called [ profile] ultraken and asked if we could crash on his floor. He was crazy enough to agree. He's got other plans tomorrow, unfortunately, so it looks like he might not come along to see Ralph. We invited Ashy but she declined; she's in the middle of a project.

I ought to contact a couple people in LA and see who else might be going. Just for the hell of it. But I need to get my shit together and shower and begone!

This is soooo stupid. If I can get the LJ phone posts to work, there will be updates from the road... but my attempt at testing it here went nowhere. Further updates one way or another. And yes, I'll post the blasphemous art from last night when we're back, too...


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