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  1. Pan.

    This morning, I described a fragment of a dream that involved the genitals of an anatomically-correct Satan action figure. It led to [ profile] queenofstripes suggesting that ten years from now, when all education is religiously correct, biology class will involve a transparent figure of the Devil known as the "Visible Pan".
  2. Laurie Anderson.

    We were listening to some Laurie Anderson just now.

    "Her voice is so beautiful. I want to have phone sex with Laurie Anderson," I said.
    "No," said [ profile] queenofstripes. "You want to have phone sex with [ profile] rhinoscillator pretending to be Laurie Anderson."
    "Ooooooooh. Yeeessssss."

    1. Also, I'm working on a few bits of art. Something might get posted soon.


Jun. 6th, 2005 07:35 pm
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If we were playing the Raggedy Ann And Andy Movie Drinking Game for real, instead of just saying "Drink!" or "Chug!" now and then, I would be so drunk right now. So would Sammi.

We're about to watch the Unico Vs. Evil Puppet Guy now. I think I will end up with theoretical alcohol poisoning soon.

I am so bringing these DVDs with me to Boston for perusal one night after the con.

Later: "Unico and the Island of Magic" wasn't as full of puppet-fetish goodness as we'd hoped. the "living puppets" that people were turned into really didn't do it for me at all. There's some graphic stylization of the West Wind and the dance of Toys that got me amused, but not in the kink-teasing way we were hoping for. And the sounds in the English version were a real mood-killer, in some cases. Ah well.

However, it did remind me that Tezuka is very much the Father of All Japanese Animation. I mean, there was a moment when I realized that the entire production design for the Gamecube Zelda game - the strikingly cartoony one - was completely ripping off the way this show looked. And the design drawings for a lot of Treasure's cartoonier games looked just like the stranger drawings of the Evil Puppet Magician. It's always fun to see the original of something you've seen countless knock-offs of without quite being aware of it.

I was virtually drunk, so I cut it a lot more slack on the utter lack of framerate than I normally would have. There was also just enough really abstract graphic coolness to reward this.
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Hot idea: Painting cryptic runes all over someone's body.

In her own menstrual blood.
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Two weird scribbles with story behind them of sorts. Both quickly tarted up in Photoshop instead of the usual Illustrator treatment, though I might do AI on one or both. Contains boobs, you're warned.

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holy shit

May. 15th, 2005 09:28 pm
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I'm the number one link for "dalek porn" on Google.

Dalek porn searching, publication in "Cthulhu Sex", an entry for "The History of Furry Porn", a link to dominatrix SF comics... My LJ has been a pretty sexual thing, this past week and a half.
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Varla Dayne, Daring Cosmatrix - thanks, [ profile] ovon. Twenties space opera comics meet latex domination fetish art... Be sure not to miss the paper dolls or the Technical Compendium.
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so most of the stories in "cthulhu sex" really did nothing for me. too lovecraft-turgid writing, too glib. one was nice and moody but it was very much a strangewarp mindfuck thing and i was hoping more for, you know, hot squishy tentacles invading orifices.

trying to sleep, fragments fluttered through my mind.

so i fired up bbedit on the laptop... this is a first draft. it needs tightening up, polishing of prose, a few better metaphors. i think i need to establish in the first sentence or three that both characters are women. i also need to give it proper capitalization. laptop laziness, yknow?

it's set at a concert because of [ profile] protocat's entry tonight about a really good autechre gig. comments welcome, starting with whether or not it's the slightest bit sexy to anyone else, and if the Surprising Twist Ending actually parses without me being so blunt as to come right out and name the narrator for what she is...

also posting this makes me more likely to do more with it, instead of just leave it on the laptop forever.

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bad google

May. 8th, 2005 12:20 am
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This is what happens when you Google for "dalek sex". You find gems like the hint file to "Doctor Who and the Vortex of Lust".

Unfortunately the game itself seems to only run on Windows machines. Or maybe "fortunately" is the word.

Also, while on this futile quest for Dalek slash, I found a story that involved Ace and the Doctor having sex. Sammi wouldn't let me read any of it for horror value because she only wants to hear lesbian fantasies about that character. Or maybe stories about Ace and a Dalek. "He slid his exterminator up my hot..." Never mind.

The Internet disappoints me. i cannot find Dalek porn.

Who can I persuade to play a Dalek on Puzzlebox so I can have horrible Dalek sex fantasies?


MORE DALEK PORN! (realplayer, ugh. Thanks, [ profile] ovon! <3 )

Bob the Angry Flower gets a Dalek Shell (not porn, but funny)

Honestly, I'm kinda embarrassed by the way I'm reacting to the new "Who". I was never a drooling fan of any SF show before. Except, I guess, the Doctor. I'd watch it whenever it came on Channel 12 - the New Orleans PBS station. I think everyone in the States who's around my age saw the Doctor on their local PBS station, in those pre-cable days. Half the new episodes are half-assed - I'm getting sick of every episode being on Earth, I want to see some adventures in Time and Space, and sweet fuck I'm gonna want to hurt someone if the Doctor takes on a companion who promptly spends the next episode going into a xenophobic mope for the third time. But here I am looking for Dalek porn. It's an ironic thing, but it's a sincere, insane desirous thing, too.

"Servalan/Dalek slash," Sammi suggested.



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