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Feb. 25th, 2007 02:04 am
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Proof that Python is a real language.
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Woo. After having my head deep in PHP and CSS for a few days, I've replaced the back end of my website. I've gone from Gallery 1.4.4 to Singapore 0.10.0 CVS.

Visually, there's almost no difference. A slight drift in layout, slightly different URLs. If I had mod.rewrite working you wouldn't even see different URLs. Technically... well, Singapore's a lot smaller. And not as memory-hungry; it can handle the 605 images in my 'sketchbook' directory without a hiccup.

There's still a few things left to do - write a text-listing-only style for some albums, make it handle sub-albums mixed with images a bit more gracefully, get a better thumbnail cropper in there - but it's at the point where it does everything I need for routine use, gracefully.

And I'll try and package up my additions and offer them to be folded back into the next release.

See it doing its thing: Illustration · Sketchbook · Naughty bits
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Egypt Urnash (6:26 AM): I just gave up on something TOTALLY GEEK STUPID.
wolfienamedsarah (6:26 AM): Ooh?
Egypt Urnash (6:27 AM): I tried getting Livejournal up and running on my machine.
wolfienamedsarah (6:27 AM): XD
Egypt Urnash (6:27 AM): The tarballs they have of the source are terribly old. And the CVS checkout won't work. So, fuck it.
6:28 AM : After finding a bit of S2 code that did search-and-replace, and making my LJ style auto-replace <br /><br /> with <p> for much more Proper HTML, I had a mad urge to implement Markdown. As S2.
6:28 AM : Then I looked at Markdown's code and decided i don't want to write grep in s2.
6:29 AM : then i remembered that LJ is written entirely in Perl, as is Markdown. Should be simple to integrate! Right?
6:29 AM : <-- fucking insane

I also added a photo of myself to the bio page of my website and my info page on LJ, because, you know, I'm not afraid of people seeing me any more, and it's kinda fun to see what someone behind the words and images actually looks like, isn't it? I was going to do some silly scaling tricks with it on the LJ page, but LJ strips out embedded style in your bio. Suck.

Today's Unicode character is #9819, the Black Chess Queen.

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If anyone's mad enough to write an iTunes plugin and implement the back-end database for this, feel free! (Bonus points for doing the Right Thing when you're not online and listening to stuff.)

[ Edit: Preferably for, you know, the Mac, since I don't, like, have a Windows box to run WinAmp. ]

egypturnash (1:19:40 PM): I think there're people who've written song-reccomendation engines that hook into some mp3 players.
Presonance (1:21:07 PM): *nod* It tends to be by artist, so far. The idea I had was that you could pick just one song and say, "Okay, play me a bunch of stuff that sounds like this" - even if it's not typical of either the 'example' artist or the other ones it picks.
egypturnash (1:21:34 PM): Oooh, yes. The main problem with that is getting the *data* in for each song.
Presonance (1:22:12 PM): Yeah. It'd take a lot of poking away with an engine that plays you two songs and asks you to rate their similarity.
egypturnash (1:22:35 PM): But I've definitely encountered that - an artist I like who has one or two songs I absolutely LOVE. (Sometimes it turns out to be a semi-secret influence by someone else, like my realization of what linked all the Yes stuff I liked: Trevor Rabin's involvement.)
Presonance (1:22:56 PM): It'd take a lot more data than going by artist.
Presonance (1:23:10 PM): *nodnod*
egypturnash (1:23:23 PM): The easiest way to get that data might be something that wired into your mp3 player and quietly asked you each time it switched a song. "Is this like the last track? y/n"
Presonance (1:23:41 PM): Oh yeah, good idea.
Presonance (1:24:17 PM): I often notice that on the radio or something - I'll sit up and go, hey, that was a great segue...
egypturnash (1:24:25 PM): Not even a 1...10 slider or anything. Simple so it's EASY to get people to play along.
egypturnash (1:24:45 PM): Well. "Does this go well after the previous track?" is a completely different question, too.
Presonance (1:24:59 PM): True. :>
egypturnash (1:25:50 PM): I might find it really delightful to jump from, say, a Bach piece to a Servotron track, but I don't think I'd say they'r esimilar.
Presonance (1:27:35 PM): It'd be really interesting if it could learn about those sorts of transitions, though...
egypturnash (1:28:06 PM): *nod* Two checkboxes, then. Towards the creation of the Auto DJ!
Presonance (1:28:24 PM): *grin* Now if only I had a clue how to write such a thing.
egypturnash (1:28:59 PM): Maybe I should do the lazyweb thing and post an extract of this conversation to my LJ!
egypturnash (1:29:18 PM): There might be enough geeks reading it for the concept to spread.
Presonance (1:29:48 PM): *nod* Yeah, that seems likely.


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