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For most of the time I’ve lived in this apartment, the living room has been dominated by shelves with my fursona painted on them at life-size.

But now they are gone. Starkatt and her friend came by to haul them off to their new home. I am told there is a very high chance these shelves will be filled with the tools and products of a Dicksmithy. I think I am totally fine with my fursona being FILLED WITH DICKS.

Also I just liked looking at the clear spots in the dust that had collected on top of the shelves. A line of electric candles, the base of  a glass swan I inherited from my mom, and a couple vague blobs where some dragon flags and a plushie lived.

It will feel weird to not round the corner and see my dragon self staring back at me. I may have to set up something similar in the new place, whether by painting it on the wall, or on new shelves… we will see. Between this and taking down the canvas print of the luminous white angel-dragon that I had on the inside of the front door, it definitely feels like I really don’t live here any more. The bedroom and kitchen and bathroom still look inhabited but that should change soon.

I was also pretty glad to not find anything lost in the space behind the shelves. There’s like two or three boxes worth of stuff hanging around the living room still, I would like to see myself make a dent in that before bed tonight but getting the last things out of the path between the shelves and the door felt like significant work for the day…

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Yeah, my stuff is definitely in the Roadways depot in Kenner. I might be stuff-less. I won't know for a couple weeks; my moving company is low priority compared to rescue efforts, as it should be.

Time to seriously price out Mac Mini vs. iBook. Plus an external Firewire box to put my existing HD in to get all my data alive again. I wonder if Apple has profit margins that would let them consider the publicity points of a Major Disaster Refugees Discount.

Things to mourn: Ten years of sketchbooks. My library. Original art friends made for me. The art and my sketchbooks are irreplacable. I can draw new things, but there were a lot of things in those books I'd sort of like to scan and finish.

Not that big a deal: My still-fairly-small female wardrobe. Furniture. Assorted junk.

Kind of annoying: All my CDs. I have them on the HD, though not lossless compression.

I don't know yet; I won't know for a while. I can't really worry about it yet.
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Quicktime movie of Katrina, from outside Florida up through Mississippi. Pretty. Frightening, but pretty. I'd been wanting to see more than the looping four hours or so that the weather reports would do all this past weekend. Link from the Wikipedia article on the storm.

My stuff may have been in a warehouse in Kenner. I'll hopefully find out later today, and start working on having it go up to Boston. The moving company said the place was relatively unscathed, last they heard. I still have my hard drives on me, and my tablet. I'll miss my library and clothes and originals friends did and other stuff if it's trashed, but I'm alive.

I'll be really glad when my life becomes boring.

Every time someone says "thank God, it's a miracle" upon hearing that someone got out of the storm safely, I have to bite my tongue. Some miracle. You want a miracle? Try a divine finger coming down from the sky last week and stirring the fucking storm clockwise so it dissipated, okay? That's a miracle. Your friend and all their stuff surviving is luck. If your God saved 'em, it's from shit he threw at 'em in the first place.
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I'm writing this from [ profile] ultraken's laptop. Stage 1 of my move is completed.

I got introduced to the Ur-Surf band on the drive down. Seems that pretty much all the surf rock bands are taking off of the Shadows... who're British. Who knew? Surf, spaghetti western, good stuff. I shall have to find the CD for myself sometime; it's very happy music.


Jul. 29th, 2005 02:19 pm
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Everything is packed. i think.

My computer and monitor are in their boxes, in the closet in the computer room.

Most of my stuff is in boxes in the garage.

My bed is disassembled and leaning on the wall. I still need to move the mattress back against it so it's out of the way. I also need to dodge the splatter or two of puke one of the cats left under it while I do this. Cats. Kin, Rik, Diva, you don't do that, right? 'Cause if you do I might have to reconsider my hopes of moving to Boston in a year or two.

I have a few things targeted to go to Goodwill or the trash, whichever works.

I have a suitcase and bag stuffed full of clothes, a handful of books, my HD/keyboard/tablet (if I get that freelance check or a job, I think I'm gonna buy a Mini, and I'll have all my data right there).

I'm waiting for my ride to SIGGRAPH to show up.

Also, there's a freaky avatar expo happening on Second Life soon and I'll be in it. If I'm not in transit, of course. Okay, I admit I nominated myself.

I'm going to do final arranging, then get some Coke and not move.
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How does one safely pack a skirt made of bubble wrap? Maybe the windup toy bug costume's tine is over.

Oh, if anyone wants a box full of SF magazines (Analog, Asimov's, F&SF, Science Fiction Age) from the late nineties/early two thousands, and you can come pick it up, contact [ profile] dv_girl or [ profile] centauress. Until I pulled them out of a couple boxes of other miscellaneous debris, they hadn't been touched since I moved to Glendale. Free for the hauling, or if you must you can give me or Sammi some bucks for 'em. It's the one in the back of the garage marked "SF MAGS/GOODWILL", because that's where it's going if nobody grabs it.


Jul. 28th, 2005 12:52 am
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It always comes down to the last minute.

I'm packing everything away. I have tonight, tomorrow, and tomorrow night. Then it's down to LA and Siggraph - a little earlier than I originally thought.

And then... after a few weeks... it's back to New Orleans.

I still need to actually confirm the moving pod thing for shipping my stuff to New Orleans. I have the forms and they need filling out and e-mailing. I have a little checklist of Things That Need Doing. I have a bag of stuff destined for Goodwill, and I should make sure Sammi and Stacey know that that's where it's going, instead of back to New Orleans with me.

Mostly, I just need to pick clothes Siggraph and the weeks until I'm reunited with my junk, cram the rest back into boxes, seal them all up (I'm out of packing tape, damnit) dismantle my bed, and pack the computer away.

I "just" need to do all that.

Luckily I seem to have gotten over the running in mental circles and weeping phase of this. But I think I'm going to go for a walk right now.

Didn't I have more socks, once upon a time?
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Boston is so intricate and grid-defying. If I do move here, I think I need to buy a GPS unit to keep from getting lost, lost, lost. [ profile] lediva says the streets were planned by just building up cow-paths, and it shows. That and the age of the buildings makes me feel a little like I'm walking around the French Quarter everywhere I go; it's just not built for cars, and I kinda like that.


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