Mar. 18th, 2009 12:36 am
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If you're using Safari 4 or a Webkit beta, I've enhanced my LJ a little - links now bounce a little when you roll over them, and user icons next to posts are a little tilted. The cool thing about this is that, unlike most solutions for making webpages jump and twitch, no Javascript is needed.

I can totally see css animations being just as derided as blink and marquee*. Except they can also be used subtly. Unlike blink.

I really ought to have the style put a random rotation on the userpics as an inline style instead of stacking up several '.post + .post + .post + .post .author' selectors (with varying amounts of '+ .post' of course) but I'm too lazy to spend ten minutes hunting for LJ's S2 docs and digging through them to see if there's a random() function available. Oh wait, there's a handy link to the damn docs in the s2 editor page, and Google can do the rest for me. Yay!

* once they get ironed out into the specs and only IE fails to support them correctly. unless that rumor about ie9 being a shell around webkit comes to pass.
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[ Edit, Monday morning: Comments screened, email notifies off because jesus christ you fucktards keep coming in from your fucktard community wanting the attention of being banned and the effort of adding your name to the list of fucktards outweighs the small amount of humor value watching your comments change has. Filtering my email on X-Lj-Journal: drama_awesome too because you guys won't stop trying to tell me I'm wrong and/or whiny for doing this, and suggesting other people do it.

Look, you're not gonna listen to me, but I used to be a snarky mocking asshole online too. Except I did it in much more private arenas. My life's a lot more fun now that I mostly got over that, by dealing with the things that made me constantly full of hate. ]

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a note

Apr. 11th, 2006 12:41 pm
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'Various other improvements' includes 'breaking the HTML cleaner' - LJ now does horrible things to any link with an ampersand in it.

The fact that ℑ is a valid HTML entity (thx [ profile] marcpasc helped me figure out that it's actually the browser's fault; both FF and Safari fuck this up unless the & is escaped. ⇠ test link with an unescaped ampersand in it ⇠ test link with an escaped ampersand (&)


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