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Feb. 9th, 2008 02:26 pm
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Three icons for [ profile] abirritate.
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Finished off those icons. The procedure ended up be 'chat in IM for a bit about the imagery' and ended up, I think, resulting in some stuff that resonated with the people they were for. My new power brick is on its way, hooray!

From left to right: [ profile] gen wanted something perky and happy; [ profile] cryptodragon wanted 'confused', and [ profile] koogr wanted something wistful, in greys and purples.

The text in Crypto's is an encoded hash of 'cryptodragon' repeated a couple of times along a spiral, if you're wondering. I IMed him when it was almost done asking for either some of his source, or a public key, or something along those lines. The other two are definitely influenced by the Tarot project I've been doing this week; they have that loaded-with-symbolism feel. In fact, the dangling keys will probably end up being put into a Tarot card that's about choices.

Now to work on my card for Roz's wildcats deck. And this weekend I'll do some of the icons that [ profile] abirritate commissioned a while back, then we both forgot about!

I'll probably do this again in a few weeks - same price ($30), probably only about 3 icons again. If you want to be warned when I'm about to do it so you can get one, let me know!
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Cashflow is a little sluggish and I need to replace this power brick ASAP, so I'm going to try an experiment and do some icon commissions.

I'm allocating three slots, $30 apiece. They'll be along the same lines as the one I did last week. LJ's 100x100 is my default assumption but other sizes are cool too.

You'll get the image rendered cleanly to a gif/jpeg/png as appropriate, and a pdf copy of the Illustrator source file. Payment by digital means only (PayPal, etc); image delivery by the end of the week (but probably sooner). I'll want text and image reference, and some idea of where to aim with the icon - a mood, a color, a context, whatever.

If this goes well there may be a few more rounds, so don't fret if you miss this chance!

edit: two taken, an old one reconnected - there's one left.
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No Absinthe progress today, either. I figured out why - while there're 11 pages left to pencil, I only have printed-out scripts for two of them. And neither of them is one I feel like doing at the moment. So I did some double-checking of the remainder of the script and sent a copy of Rik for printing at work tomorrow (our printer's on the fritz).

So as not to make the day a complete loss, I decided to finish off a micro-commission. [ profile] uniformvixen had asked me to do some iconography for her to use in Team Fortress 2 and around Steam's new social network - a femmy version of the medic class from TF2. I'd done a couple sketches, and threw it through AI.

Image )

Now I see why other people do icon commissions - they're quick and fun. Maybe I'll do some more of these sometime if people are interested. (I'm also thinking of doing icons in the two-color, textured style of Absinthe as a thanks for a moderately-significant donation to the comic.)


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