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Now and then, some artist finds a really hilariously impractical piece of clothing, and draws one of their characters wearing nothing but it. And sometimes the combination of clothing and drawing is strong enough to become A Thing that circulates around the Internet for a few days.

Every now and then I end up drawing one of my characters in one of them.

The item in question is a short pink hoodie, with a huge half-circle cut out of the front. Kind of a bolero hoodie. It could probably look pretty good if it was accessorizing the right outfit, really; I feel that matching the claw polish to the hoodie went a long way to making it look less terrible. As did being a tease who’s deliberately not using it as an excuse for full frontal nudity.

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This morning I got stoned and decided that a galaxy-pattern catsuit under the bathrobe I still hadn’t bothered changing out of was a really good fashion choice for the morning. Then Nick said I looked like a far-future Arthur Dent who has truly become a hoopy frood who knows where his towel is. Because really, what is a bathrobe but a towel you can wear? He had it with him all along.

When he’s not travelling, that spacesuit is always with him. It probably converts into a useful backpack or something. Because after what he’s survived, there is no way Arthur would want to let that thing out of his possession. Ever.


In the shower I thought about this drawing as a pitch for a H2G2 cartoon adaptation.


* The spacesuit has invisibility capabilities; when Arthur’s not using it for that he has it just display whatever random imagery/video we feel like genlocking in there.

* The spacesuit can recycle his fluids into a substance almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea.

* Perhaps it is the latest model of the Guide? Compacts into an easy-to-carry box of roughly Gameboy size when not in use. It does NOT have a Genuine People Personality. Nobody wants that when they’re floating alone in the void of space.

* Every episode starts cold with Arthur in some tranquil setting (possibly wherever he finished last episode), when suddenly, disaster strikes and he is, once again, floating in the cold void of space. He sighs, dons the spacesuit, and begins reciting something similar to the Litany Against Fear centered around the words “Don’t Panic”. Cue “Journey of the Sorcerer” or some imitation thereof, opening titles are a montage of bits introducing Arthur and the main characters of this episode with Arthur still floating in space waiting for the Thumb to say something’s in range. As the opening titles come to a close, there’s something detected; Arthur turns on the Thumb capability of his suit via a closeup on his hand making a hitch-hiking gesture. Music climaxes, smash cut to episode title as the music fades, then we rudely drop Arthur into the middle of whatever mess we’ve thought up for him to muddle his way out of this time.


“You’ve essentially just reinvented Doctor Who”, said Nick when I pitched these ideas to him. Arguably yes, though I feel there’s a big difference: the Doctor is good at solving huge problems like “an entire universe has been converted into Daleks, who are now invading this universe with the aim of turning it into even more Daleks” while Arthur is good at averting problems well before they get to that point, or just not being where they are when they happen. His primary skills are being that super chill surfer dude who is really, really good at staying calm in the face of crisis and helping other people de-escalate. He does not necessarily solve the problem he’s dropped into in every episode; sometimes he just ends up running.

Also another way this is different from Doctor Who is that the Doctor is not costumed so as to look like she’s naked under her bathrobe. Arthur is. Because nobody really takes you seriously as a threat when you look like you’re naked under your bathrobe.

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You might or might not remember the tattoo I was thinking about getting after my show. I was never quite happy with it as black wings, so it sat, and then near the beginning of this year I started playing with turning it into a multicolor thing instead.

On the plane back from Seattle, I think I finally got something that makes me happy.

I will have to consult with a few tattooists to find one who I think can make this work, and to see if anything resembling yellow that intense is actually possible - there may have to be one more round of revisions before this goes on my body! But it's something I intend to start working on in the next few months, once we get to Seattle. I really feel, at this point, like it would be a bad idea to stick a huge load of Boston ink in my body just as I'm about to leave.

Then I ran my laptop's battery down playing a video game for a while. And switched to the sketchbook.

sketchbook stuff )


May. 23rd, 2010 03:00 pm
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Yesterday we went over by [ profile] somnialcat's place for a visit. Hopefully we'll manage at least one more time before we're gone out of town. [ profile] kaputotter made some awesome barbecue, and, as usual, I mostly hung out in a corner and drew. We didn't end up putting any video on so what I drew was mostly about me me me except for when Nick poked some things into my head.

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I ran the 2012 Olympics' mascots through my patented de-chibifying process. This was the result.

Why the London Olympics felt that the 2012 games would best be symbolized by a pair of gay men with cameras for heads, I'll never know. I'm not even going to touch the fact that one of them is wearing a spandex singlet with Bart Simpson giving a blowjob on the front. But I will say that I'm really not so hot on Mandeville's decision to dye his hair blue and do it up in a couple of ponytails.

(thanks to [ profile] ianmcdonald for pointing out the security cameras, which got me thinking in this direction.)


May. 19th, 2010 05:25 pm
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Sitting at the cafe with Nick.

"I'll be back, I'm gonna pee and then I'll probably get a muffin."
"Muffin muffin muffin muffin muffin muffin."
"You're not a muffin."
"Muffin muffin muffin muffin."
"Maybe you're a foxmuffin."
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Apr. 7th, 2010 12:43 am
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Monday, I went out on the back porch for the first time in ages. And I drew. Here's some of the bits I liked.

Contains boobies. )


Mar. 14th, 2010 11:42 pm
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Doodling, I found myself scribbling out ideas for a website redesign. Is it time? Already? The last one was 2007.

Anyway, this one seems to want to be rebuilt with Modern Web Technologies - css3 perspective transforms on Javascript thumbnail carousels, most of the content on one long page (though i'll want to have some kind of fast nav for the lengthy-by-now illustration and sketchbook galleries - a spiral rather than a circle? dunno), maybe even a new backend to replace the aging Singapore...

I kinda have other things to do first, though, like chapter 2 of Absinthe and moving the hell out of Boston!

the start of a process )


Feb. 16th, 2010 03:30 pm
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So yeah, I was doodling direct in AI and the first thing that came up was Alecto.

I know her chin and ears are wrong here but I can't remember what's right (oh, there it is, in the icon). Also note that judging from the silhouette of the Superdome, the story's explicitly set in New Orleans now rather than in a dreamy copy of it with the serial numbers filed off. I suspect I'll be processing some lingering stuff related to Katrina when I do get around to doing this story. Sure, add that in to the other old wounds I'll be obliquely licking, why not?

I wanted to pull something from either the Heaney translation of Beowulf or from Gardner's Grendel to put on this first doodle but I have neither book handy any more, and the Internet wouldn't serve up a pirate copy of either.

Read more... )The "Midwinter 2011" date is not a promise of any kind. Although that'll be ten years since the central character walked into the back of my head and wrapped her cold, lonely self in a story I'd started to put together a few years before.
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op art cut )

Ah, that's much better. Staring at this while I work on it has chased Woodring's horizontal vibrations right out of my system.

There's stuff that's going to go on top of this but I'm seriously thinking it's time for sleep.


Dec. 30th, 2009 06:32 pm
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Titties! )


Dec. 19th, 2009 09:02 pm
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Some sketchbook stuff. Nudity, breasts, drugs, mind-control, and silliness - you've been warned.

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First design roughs for reimagining one of my top 10 video games ever. If I can convince Jeff that 'using Cippy again' involves 'remixing Ancipial for the iPhone' then I will have a giant fangirl explosion of squee.

The femme variant needs to have her shapes pushed a bit further IMHO, I just wanted to see how the color cycling would work. She's not quite balanced against the gooniness of the original sprite - and might change from a unicorn to a goat as well. At likely in-game size the lines vanish; I'm probably gonna try big swaths of rainbow-cycle-color instead. And then knock out some animation cycles.

The bubbles over their heads and general dazed looks are due to the cheerfully absurd excuse the original game's story made for throwing all kinds of nonsense at you for enemies: the complex you're infiltrating is full of a gas that is toxic to humans, but only mildly hallucinogenic to these goat-people.


Aug. 16th, 2009 03:18 pm
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Doodling direct into AI.

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Someday I would like to do some comics with this character but despite all my best efforts she still feels too much like Hellboy fanfic to make me happy. Even though she owes as much to the Shadow and to some of Lord Dunsanay's early work as Mignola.

Her name is Mary, she used to be completely human, and she kills monsters. Occasionally tentacles and stuff sprout out of her. Normally her shadow is human, I dunno what's up with the first drawing - maybe she's having a really bad week.

edit. The more I look at the two pieces here that're more than just lines, the more I think that would be a pretty cool look for if I ever do some comics with her. The sketchy mono-weight lines with solid areas would be an interesting place between Mignola's schtick and mine. As long as I don't mimic his idiosyncratic ways of handling some surfaces.


Jul. 20th, 2009 07:55 pm
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Well, not quite sketchbook. This is all stuff I doodled into AI.

Includes nudity. )


May. 6th, 2009 09:39 pm
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[ profile] tracerj put out the call for stuff for the AC conbook, and I said I'd do something. Nick and I worked out the plot summary and I roughed out the first page, then did nothing until Jessie said "hey there's 3 days left to deadline!".

3 more pages of this, also unfinished color piece with boobies. )


Mar. 21st, 2009 03:07 pm
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Someone on the Illustratorworld forums had mentioned that he uses AI's 'scribble' effect to do the fake currency pieces he plays with. I felt like trying this - and yes, with a bit of fiddling with the settings, you can very quickly turn solid shapes into something that looks like currency!

Even if you don't bother looking at real paper money, or actually finishing them - which is why I'm classing this post as 'sketchbook'!

I am pretty sure that "rounds" are actually coins; the Skylands are too romantically-anarchic to have transitioned from coins made of rare but otherwise useless metal onto paper money. On the other hand I could also see forgery being hilariously rampant - this one is kinda supposed to look like it's poorly printed on crappy newsprint. Print all you like, your wealth is determined by your chutzpah and whether or not people realize that the note you're passing has your own face plastered on it...


Mar. 9th, 2009 03:20 pm
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Just a couple of direct-Illustrator doodles of Absinthe.

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Mar. 8th, 2009 10:28 pm
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Using a triangular art brush for doodling really makes for a different look. Maybe it's just because I've been looking at a lot of Asterix for that little card game redesign today, but the way the lineweights change really reminds me of Uderzo.


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