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And here is part 4 of 4. With a few strategic layers turned off - go to Anthrocon and read the conbook to find out how it ends! I've sent the files off and hopefully they will turn out okay.

Or wait until after AC when I'll post the uncensored last page. *grin*

Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
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Page 3 of 4.

Page 1 Page 2
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Page 2 of 4 - most of it was done yesterday, I just had to finish the last two panels when I ran out of steam.

Page 1
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Ugh, pooped. Looks like I'm gonna be hoping Jessie can push that deadline back a day like she said she could; I have page 2 mostly done, and pages 3 and 4 are still just roughs. I got moving too late today.

(There are four pages, and they are full-page, and we are hoping to have them scattered erratically throughout the conbook - this is the first page.)

Art: me. Words: Nick.


May. 6th, 2009 09:39 pm
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[ profile] tracerj put out the call for stuff for the AC conbook, and I said I'd do something. Nick and I worked out the plot summary and I roughed out the first page, then did nothing until Jessie said "hey there's 3 days left to deadline!".

3 more pages of this, also unfinished color piece with boobies. )


Mar. 22nd, 2007 06:51 pm
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just one. there's other stuff I might scan soon but just one, right now. a big one.
spiders! )
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"I never thought I'd be a spider," Ok'ta'ula murmured to the air. "But it was the closest thing to being nothing, and I'd been too many things that day."

The walls faded blue to violet. A swirl of glitterdust provided a voice-locus for the dirigible: "Did you choose the change?"

"Mostly." Plastic fingers traced circles on the cushions. "No, not really. It was the first one that got me out, out, out, away."

Sulusosooloo flew on in silence, slicing through the amber skygas. The dull thrum of her engines caressed her passenger. The sky she swam in darkened slowly, red storm-pillars drifting closer.

"I never thought I'd see you again," Sulusosooloo murmured. "You left so suddenly."

The spider shot to her feet, stalking around the empty dancefloor. "I didn't want to, when I was him. Didn't want to see anyone ever again."

"So you spent so long in the asteroids everyone forgot you. Did you make any connections out there?" Sulusosooloo followed her guest with rimlights, bathing her in red and gold. Ok'ta'ula couldn't escape her attention no matter where she went anyway, but this was making that obvious.

Ok'ta'ula just muttered radio fizz under her breath. Tight-coded raw noise.

"You didn't leave any of it behind, did you. Just spun silence around yourself. Did you even try?" Sulusosooloo brought up rolling dronesongs, rich forests of ambient strings remembered from Earth. "Did you even sing with the other spiders?" Ok'ta'ula kept stalking arhythmically, her feet clicking eightfold loud on the tiles.

Finally, she stopped at a window, hands tight on the railing as she stared at the approaching skywhorl.

"Bitch. Why did I have to end up with another shatter of I when I made grav-fall on Jupiter?"

Sulusosooloo, this time, chose not to respond. In silence, she dove into the most beautiful sight on the planet. Clusters of silver-winged thrillriders left her eggdrop hull, the wind howling them away on the instant. Nobody sane went straight for the eyewall.
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Anna419's fingers skittered around the rim of her teacup. "Fifty-one years, dear Yoochie. Fifty-one years since the vendetta began."

The stars shone down on the curled-up white limbs, the cunningly-docked hulls. The spiders drifted slowly through the echo orbit.

Ruby lips parted to touch the hot liquid g-field bound. Universal Disassembler's fifth eye glared up, the true exception in her demure downturned gaze. "Another year since, every time you call me that. Circle round the star once more?"

The challenge lingered in the younger spider's eyes. "Poisonbite shatterkiss I, I, I - Maybe." Anna419 traced the slitherlines of Universal Disassembler's runehull. She couldn't remember. "Race to the sun and give in to the warmbloods, sister. Do it with me. Serve them fizz-buzz delighted joy turn off and"
"No service until vendetta's end. Break the game rules, nine lies?"

Universal Disassembler opened her jets and tore rudely from Anna419's embrace. The poisoned teakettle caught the starshine, left spinning shining waiting for its new inheritor. Anna419 sighed as she stilled its rotation with fourth-hand. "I still love her," she murmured, a tightbeam laserwhisper chasing photon residue.

Ten weeks later, Universal Disassembler replied. The course-altered boredrock smashed through Anna419's exhaust chambers just as she burst out of warp drive. The explosion was an orgasmic light in the sky.

* * * * *

Anna419's fingers stirred her tea: gauche disrespect for Universal Disassembler's brewing. "Fifty-two years, dear Yoochie."
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Second in a series.

Image )
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Those are not nipples. Those are spinnerets.
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I basically spent all day doing this.

Art! )


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