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"Casablanca", as interpreted by the average MUCKer. Thanks to [ profile] uniformvixen for the initial inspiration and one line.

Ilsa has entered.

Ilsa looks at Bogie.

Ilsa sighs.

Ilsa gets on an airplane and flies off.

Ilsa has left.

Somewhere on the muck, Ilsa has disconnected.
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This Fur Affinity site is really, really slow. Do I really need to be on another site that's furry-only when I'm trying to get away from the furry thing?

Also, it strips out HTML in the profile and in the image descriptions, so helpful links and such are broken. Suck. And I have to provide a thumbnail for gifs.

But it seems to be where people are shamelessly dumping their PR0N. So that's good, I guess. I like nicely-drawn PR0N even if I never do it myself.
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words drip from her lips like angry brown goo from a victim of montezuma's revenge
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So. A week ago I got "married" on Second Life.
Plastic Duck: Hi, do you want to get e-married and be e-robot partners
Mechanique Thirty: That's strangely tempting.
Plastic Duck: is this a yes.
Mechanique Thirty: I must think about this. My humble clockwork brain cannot contain offers of such magnitude all at one time.
Plastic Duck: my old robot wife has been offline for like 2 weeks so I filed a divorce
Plastic Duck: and I was going to marry this random person in w-hat
Plastic Duck: but then I remembered that you have a cool invis prim avatar and we would make cool invis prim partners

Now, the utterly wrong thing about this marriage is the group he mentions: w-hat. W-Hat is pretty much the 2L Something Awful group, and Plastic is one of its officers. I'm on the Other Side here.

But on the other hand, there's something visually compelling about his proposal (that link is to a photo of him and I). Someone who goes around looking like that, or as equally strange things (he has a pink cat avatar, with a tube through her gut), is My Kind Of People, right? And a visit to the w-hat complex is festive and chaotic, or would be if my machine wasn't too slow to handle so many crazy avatars and people hacking strange script effects.

I debated a bit, and decided... why not? I'll treat this e-marriage with all the seriousness it was proposed in. Because he's right, we make cool e-robot invisiprim partners, and that's all there needs to be to it.

Consequences! )

meanwhile, there's art I'm not working on that I'd really like to finish...

(addendum: another shot of me and Plastic, along with a skirt I built last night.)


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