Dec. 1st, 2008 02:42 pm
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...Ooookay. My new Mac came with an Apple-branded buffing cloth.

I will never snicker at people who use the "Mac == BMW" analogy ever again.

also, holy shit, second life actually runs at a usable framerate on this thing. wow, i could go get warcraft or something. that's be awesome hideous because i know it'd be like crack to me. hey [livejournal.com profile] stinkygoat, has anyone gotten the beta of space giraffe running under crossover games? now that really would be awesome.
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People with Macs and Adobe CS2: annoyed at the fact that Adobe insists on putting that 'Adobe Help Center' thing in your Applications directory, and won't let you access the help from within Photoshop/Illustrator/etc if you move it?

Go to /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Launch/helpcenter/1.0 and get info on the 'Adobe Help Center' alias. Open up the ownership and permissions section, change its ownership to you (you have to be an admin user for this), then hit 'select new original' and navigate to wherever you moved the Help Center app to. (Like, say, a subdirectory of Applications with all your art tools.)

Now change the ownership of this alias back to 'system' and bingo, f1 summons help again. Don't even have to relaunch anything.

I think I miss type and creator codes.
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I've been saying it's about time to upgrade my machine, when I have funds.

Apple announced that their next wave of machines will be Intel-powered rather than Power PC.

"AAAGH!" people cry. "My brand new Mac is insta-obsolete!" Despite the fact that they have an emulation layer planned, and a fat binary mode, and all that good stuff to ease the transition. "I have to unload it NOW because it's OBSOLETE!"

Maybe it's time to start watching prices of used Macs drop like a rock. And buy one. Sure, man, I'll be happy to take your brand new fifteen-inch deluxe Powerbook off your hands for half of what it was when it was new a few weeks ago. It's got no future. Yep. Sucks, doesn't it? Resale value's shot because who wants to buy a machine that's about to go through an architecture shift?

It'd still be faster than my dual-450 by a long shot! And more portable. And probably good to run new releases of software for at least a year or two into the time when all new Macs are Intel. That's targeted for the end of 2007, and there's a lot of PowerPC Macs out there right now to buy tools for...
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Yesterday I went to visit Ashy. As always, we got less of our stated goal of hanging out and doodling done. I ended up staying overnight because it was cold and rainy.

When I got home, there was a package on my bed. My three contributor copies of Issue 20 of Cthulhu Sex magazine. And there, on page 66, was a nicely printed copy of "Incubus". Yay! Publication!

Also, some positive email back about a freelance possibility, so double yay!

I need to draw more. I haven't been, lately.

Unrelated geekery addition: I've been using Safari again lately. I missed Camino's type-ahead find and multiple options in the search box. Then I happened upon AcidSearch which adds both to Safari. I can go directly to Google Images from my browser again. yay!
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A few thoughts while reading the giant, ultra-geeky Ars Technica review of OSX 10.4.

Yay! At long last! Finder windows in OSX 10.4 show changes the instant they happen! I miss this from OS9 at least once a week.

I really hate that the new "Spotlight" search thing uses apple-space as a shortcut, though. This will make me and every graphics type grumble: apple-space is the HAND TOOL ZOOM TOOL, damnit. Hold it down and drag around in your Photoshop or Illustrator document - or most graphics tools I've encountered - and the cursor becomes a hand magnifier, and you can navigate the document quickly. The suspicion is that Spotlight picked up this summon key from tools like Launchbar and Quicksilver, which also use apple-space by default - thankfully, Launchbar (I still use it, despite Quicksilver apparently being what the Hip Kids use these days. I have LB well-trained...) let me change it to apple-esc, which conflicts with nothing, and pleasantly reuses the old reflex I had on the Amiga for amiga-esc to launch a shell.

Yes, I'm a geek sometimes.

Earlier tonight I drew blasphemy. Two different strains of blasphemy, both of which feel like they really want to be quick and dirty show bibles. Well, the second one kinda wants to be a comic book as much as a show. Ashy gets much blame for the development of both.

(Okay, my hand knows the key sequence for 'dragging hand' and 'magnifier', but my brain doesn't. Anyway. My main point is, so much for "Macs are only for graphics!" if a standardish graphics meta-key like this is stepped on by a new OS feature.)


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