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Hm. I'm thinking of giving up this attempt to jigger my sleep cycle around. For a terribly pragmatic reason: We have no furniture. We have the bed, and a handful of uncomfortable chairs that are vaguely okay for sitting in. We don't have anywhere to comfortably and languidly lounge at weird hours of the night. So when I do try to stay up all night (modulo naps), I am either up on my feet wandering around, or hunched uncomfortably in a chair.

At least when I sleep for eight or so hours a night, I've got that time being spent stretched out letting my heels and my spine recover.

So: Furniture. Who knows where we'll put it in this cramped-yet-expensive apartment? But I feel like it's something crucial to making this work...
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Hm. Well, yesterday was kind of a bust. I didn't get any more pages of Absinthe finished, and I let myself go to sleep the normal way. It was raining outside (still is) and the guys just looked so damn cute and cuddleable, curled up in bed with rain noises in the background.

I really need to get some kind of timing device for my naps; wrestling with the alarm clock is such a pain in the ass. I'd been using the stopwatch on my celofloam but I haven't bothered replacing it since I lost it last week. I didn't even exercise yesterday morning.

On the other hand I did get out and get a big pile of granola for breakfast, and I did make some progress on Absinthe - the scene-setting spread of p.22/23 is really just a couple of buildings away from completion, and the party on the top of p.25 is only missing four party-goers now. I'll be trying to cut out sleep again tonight; we'll see how it goes.

I haven't pushed well into sleep-deprivation territory since I was somewhere in my twenties; that's a whole other life, it seems. Liz and I were going to push into woozy no-sleep space for no other reason than to do it; we'd laid in several bottles of Coke to keep us going... and suddenly I got this pain in my side, which turned out to be my first experience of a kidney stone. That weekend ended up being spent moaning and waiting for it to pass instead of hanging out with a friend (and probably flirting or something); we never ended up scheduling another attempt. The only other time I've gone without sleep for more than 24 hours since then was the weekend at Spümcø that was the first step towards burning out on the animation industry - the Flash crew stayed up for two and a half days straight racing to make up for John keeping an episode in layout long past schedule, and he immediately launched into criticizing it when he got in on Monday morning, instead of thanking us for this amazing feat of pulling victory out of the jaws of defeat.

I would say that it's been so long since I last deprived myself of sleep that I've forgotten how, but that's a lie. My one main technique was copious quantities of caffeine, mostly Coke, and I've been off that stuff long enough that it'd make taking the regular naps pretty much impossible. All I have now is the public embarrassment of talking about it in LJ and then failing to do what I said I was gonna do.

One thing I did notice is that twice yesterday I kinda... didn't get up... when the alarm went off. I just kinda lounged in bed and ended up dozing for another hour or so. Not good for circadian rhythm retraining, and not all that good for feeling awake and refreshed after getting up, either.

Anyway, it's nine, and time for the first nap of the day. Tonight: no sleep.
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After a few weeks of training my body to expect a nap on a regular basis while one thing after another made me feel like I didn't have the energy to try the change, I have decided to finally take the plunge and try cutting out sleep. Last night I didn't crawl into bed with my boyfriends - not to stay, at least.

I am currently in that kinda-sleep-deprived state where you can keep awake quite easily as long as you have things to do and are not vertical; if I sprawl lazily on the bed I drift off and then wake up with a start. I am wondering when my body will figure out that these regular naps are the time for REM; I'm not looking forwards to a few days of increasing sleep-dep until it does.

Also, I finished another page of Absinthe yesterday. Which is good because there's only like four pages in the queue right now, and two (now three) more finished that are after unfinished pages. I didn't work on it overnight; I just read some trashy pulp sci-fi that Rik is embarrassed to own. Hopefully I'll get another one of the largely-done pages finished today; there's one crowd panel left, one landscape... and four pages of kinky sex, which are at once easy because they're just two characters, and hard because one of them is pretty intricate.


Jul. 4th, 2009 08:24 am
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Looks like the back of my head has decided it's time to start shifting my sleep schedule around for real. I went to sleep around 1AM this morning, woke up about 5:30, then decided to be lazy and went back to sleep... for about an hour and a half. I felt a little spacey afterwards but it's mostly in the vein of "still sluggish from lying in bed cuddling my sleeping boyfriend for a while" rather than "oh fuck not enough sleep". Maybe tonight I'll try just cutting out sleep entirely and call it Day 1.

I have done some interesting things around my birthday but "tried going onto a completely different sleep cycle" feels like one of the craziest.

Oh yeah, birthday: I'll be thirty-eight tomorrow.


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