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The day before yesterday, I got a package from my mother. Some hand-me-down clothes, some various snippets of things to read, and a couple books. A Cajun cookbook for Sammi, and a late Christmas present for me: the most obscenely complicated pop-up book I've ever seen.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, as adapted by Robert Sabuda.

Words can't do it justice; luckily there is a digital camera available. Photos with commentary are here.

I now have, um, four or five different editions of Alice. And occasional thoughts of doing my own. Do I have a Collection yet?
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More Alice fetish noodling. See, I popped into Second Life for a bit because I wanted to give [ profile] mharpold8 a turning windup key I'd made a while back, and see some of his outfits, including an Alice one. And [ profile] dv_girl was on 2L so she came to look too, and after seeing Matt's Alice drag she suggested "Cheshire Cat dressed up as Alice!"

Matt liked the idea and so did I. So I scribbled it out. This is, of course, a fetish Alice. Why does BDSM go together so well with Alice in Wonderland?

probably not work-safe )

Also, [ profile] dv_girl is thinking of getting some piercings, and would like to tap the knowledge of my larger selection of Freaks in the SF area. Who's got first- or second-hand stories of places around here? Up in the city is fine.
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Partially based on [ profile] winduptoy threatening to draw a pervy Cheshire cat. Partially based on an image Sammi gave me Sunday (body painted one color, vinyl strips of a contrasting color wound loosely around), partially based on a Cheshire Cat I drew a few years back.


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