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For [ profile] ursulav. I was inspired, and not in a good way. Keep a spot in Hell warm for me!

"Yay! Jump through me next!" "Yaay!"
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Hey, Boston-area folks: you can get schedules and a route planner for your PDA! Woo. Wicked. Available for Palm and WinCE devices. Time for me to finally get around to installing that ugly-ass Palm sync software again so I can dump this on there.

(Note: they offer all these separate files to download, but you probably just want to look at the bottom of the download page for the "" file. At least they did for the Palm.)

Addendum: also try M├ętro, which may offer better route-planning. And covers a lot of different cities.
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During my trip to Boston, when we went out on Saturday with Chris, we wandered through a costume shop. We were really, really tempted by a white/black/pink cat mask that really, really worked on me, but didn't quite do it. And then there was this... sparkly top hat... that made me look like a refugee from a production of Cabaret. I was in the front with Chris trying it on, and had to show it to Kin and Rik. Rik was fooling with a plastic AK-47 and a bandolier of bullets.

I stole the bandolier. It... kinda worked.

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