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Aha! I won’t have to suffer through trying to debug my site on IE by using an alien Windows text editor on a locally-grabbed copy after all. With the help of Headdress and the Bonjour plugin for IE, I can keep on bopping around my site source in nice, familiar TextMate and refresh on IE. O happy day!

And now, after a few hours of back and forth, my site is usable in IE6. There are still some problems, especially with the LJ style, but the immense hassle of adding the background images as IE-filtered PNGs on a <div> that has no semantic meaning means I'm done for now...

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So I was browsing around and I rediscovered a Javascript package that does a ton of work to try to beat some sense into IE6’s rendering of CSS.

I downloaded it, put it up on my site, added an IE-only conditional comment to include it on the front page. Asked Rik to pop up my site in Explorer on his machine.

IE crashed. With a delightfully unhelpful message about crashing in the “HTML plugin” or something like that.

This made me laugh a lot, then sigh and go take it out. So much for magic bullets. I’ll glare at a localized copy of it on Rik’s machine when he’s out at work this week.

addendum: ie7 standalone installer hack, ask Rik if he's okay with me throwing that on his box for a few days.

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I decided to upload the new version of my site. Clear your cache and check it out. There's still a few little tweaks but it's essentially done, at least for browsers I have on my own machine. Most of the non-gallery pages are hand-crafted, and some have their own whizzy little effects going on - try moving around in the 'about' page, for instance.

A quick test on the copy of IE6 on Rik’s machine shows that the front page is completely broken and unusable on IE6. Or is it just that his copy’s screwed? I dunno. Does it work on IE7? If you use it, let me know!

Tomorrow I have an interview; I guess when I’m done with that I’ll begin the long and painful process of filling in the ‘iehacks.css’ file. I’m just glad I put an identifying class-name on the <body> of each page, as this will let me jam it all into one file.


ps. I have a pile of sketchbook stuff I want to scan, too. I've just wanted to spend all my computery time doing this lately, rather than scanning/cropping/posting...

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As I sit here working through the todo list for my site redesign, I'm mostly down to bug-fixing - there's a few bits of stuff to generate, a couple tiny bits of code I might like to add to the backend, some stuff I may delve into S2 for. I really wish Livejournal had regex available in S2 instead of having to use homebrew, interpreted search-and-replace hacks...

I've been using the handy Web Developer Extension for Mozilla for a while. It's a little on the sluggish side. But some Javascript debugging issues led me to Firebug, which... wow. It kicks the Web Dev extension's ass.

Also, I think I have found something that will obliviate any desire to install Windows as a life-support system for IE when I get around to getting an Intel Mac: IEs4Linux. WINE and some other hackery becomes an IE testbed. It seems to even make the process of having multiple versions of IE available for testing easy; I know this is a big hassle on actual Windows installs!
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Huh. I just found a bug in Firefox's rendering engine: put an element with position:fixed over an element with overflow:auto, and the text showing through the fixed element is stuck - it stays behind when you frob the scrollbar that belongs to the overflow:auto element.

Luckily I was able to do a workaround involving making the overlapping element position:absolute and 200% wide. I guess I should write up a testcase and submit it to Bugzilla, 'cause I couldn't find anything like it in there.


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