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For most of the time I’ve lived in this apartment, the living room has been dominated by shelves with my fursona painted on them at life-size.

But now they are gone. Starkatt and her friend came by to haul them off to their new home. I am told there is a very high chance these shelves will be filled with the tools and products of a Dicksmithy. I think I am totally fine with my fursona being FILLED WITH DICKS.

Also I just liked looking at the clear spots in the dust that had collected on top of the shelves. A line of electric candles, the base of  a glass swan I inherited from my mom, and a couple vague blobs where some dragon flags and a plushie lived.

It will feel weird to not round the corner and see my dragon self staring back at me. I may have to set up something similar in the new place, whether by painting it on the wall, or on new shelves… we will see. Between this and taking down the canvas print of the luminous white angel-dragon that I had on the inside of the front door, it definitely feels like I really don’t live here any more. The bedroom and kitchen and bathroom still look inhabited but that should change soon.

I was also pretty glad to not find anything lost in the space behind the shelves. There’s like two or three boxes worth of stuff hanging around the living room still, I would like to see myself make a dent in that before bed tonight but getting the last things out of the path between the shelves and the door felt like significant work for the day…

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Opening one’s third eye comes easily for some, slowly for others. It is not advisable to use a scalpel to hasten this process along.


Portrait commission, about six hours.

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It occurs to me that not a single person who has worked on popularizing Austin Osman Spare’s methods of “sigil magic” has been, like, actually an artist.

So everyone draws these little things that chase the aesthetics of Goetic demon seals. Occasionally people will look at a Vodun veve for inspiration. But whatever they do, they always make little line-drawn symbols that positively reek of Witchiness. Or of the glyphs in Seuss’ On Beyond Zebra. Sometimes you will see people paraphrasing Grant Morrison about how you can see corporate logos as powerful sigils of corporate egregores… but I never see anyone writing about Sigil Majgickqgh who actually tries to use that aesthetic. They just make the usual witchy scribbles. Because none of them seem to, like, actually draw as their vocation.

But I’m an artist. Spare was an artist. Sigils are fucking art majgickqgh.

I mean, I’ve been guilty of making Obviously Witchy Sigils too. It’s what everyone does in their examples, so it’s what I copied. And sometimes that is exactly the aesthetic something needs.

But. Lately I’ve been getting out of my armchair and making some sigils again. I’ve been starting with the usual modern chaos magic workflow of “throw out vowels and duplicate letters, start combining letters into a pleasing pattern”… but instead of keeping it a linear thing I could draw with pen and paper as I start finessing it, I’m just letting my hands do what they do naturally when I’ve got Illustrator open, and using a lot of solid shapes. Treating it as a rough sketch that vanishes, instead of lines to preserve.

I haven’t quite gotten anything down to the graphic power of, say, one of Paul Rand’s logos yet. Or maybe one of Jim Flora’s lively cubist album covers. But I’m getting somewhere that feels right. Somewhere that feels like art as well as magic.

I should probably actually find a copy of Spare’s books and plow through them sometime soon instead of reading yet another person rehashing Peter Carroll’s simplification of Spare.

above: some WIP sigils, none of them are entirely There yet, never mind charged, and in fact one of them saw some major revisions after I asked myself “what would Jim Flora do with this image to make it suck less” in the course of writing this post.

(and yes, I know that there is also a tradition of making sigils by just hooking up points on a grid of letters, and, y’know, that works but it is so utilitarian and boring…)

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dreaming on the canvas, summoning an old old friend

air + water + power = smoke; there is no ground to be found here

whisper words, tell a story once more time

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ten years

Dec. 28th, 2018 05:27 pm
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I am going through the giant prints left over from the gallery showing of the Tarot deck, so I can hang some of them at Morsel, and I am realizing they are from 2008.

That’s ten years ago. And it feels like a while. Some of these pieces I’d want to spend a bit more time on now. Some of them are still just fine by my current standards. My anatomy’s gotten better with subtle stuff but these are still perfectly fine drawings; I think the biggest change in the work if I was to do them from scratch now would be that I’d go from rough to final colors a LOT faster – I was still laboriously pulling paths out with the pen tool back then. I think it was near the end of the whole thing that I discovered that the pencil tool has settings, whose defaults render it useless, played with those settings, and switched to it for pretty much everything shortly afterwards.

I wonder if I should make a regular practice of drawing some kind of bright, happy flat piece once a month. As a vacation from the giant task of a fully-painted comic. I could do it as porny commissions with my alter-ego, like I did this December, or I could do them as my cleaner identity and regularly print them out and do galleries. Finding subjects feels like the hard part; I could start going down some prompt lists? Or I could occasionally just ask my followers/patrons for an assortment of words, then shuffle them together to give me some directions to draw in. (If I wanted to be topical it might be fun to do a series of Chaos Deities, since that sure feels like the theme of the past couple years. Eris, Kali, Tiamat, Kek (yes probably with a frog pin), Azathoth, etc, maybe even paired with Law Deities from the same pantheons because that would be a lot of chaos to evoke in my personal life without some balance…)


(more: hmm, really I could just mine “a selection of deities” for multiple shows. wisdom would be fun, I could use more of that in my life.)

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Oct. 25th, 2018 10:26 pm
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This morning, I wandered through the local instance of the pop-up Halloween store. It was a lot bigger than I expected, possibly due to using space that the former tenant (a third-party Apple retailer) was using for their repair offices. This may have been related to my decision to spend an hour doodling my fursona as a Sexy Witch tonight. With an angry green cat in her lap because that has basically been Nick’s fursona around the house lately. Mostly. Furries are weird, okay?

I also finished two pages of Parallax that had been in the works for a while, and posted them to Patreon today. Which is always a nice feeling: yay, I get paid a couple hundred bucks more at the end of the month! Onea these days I might even start paying most of my rent from comics again.

Tomorrow: haul stuff to the convention center, set up for Geek Girl Con, which is this weekend. And next weekend is gonna be PatreCon, thanks to them impulsively running a contest to choose a few creators to give a free ticket and hotel stay, and picking my half-assed, sassy entry as one of the winners. (“Maybe I’ll learn something that’ll let me triple my patronage; maybe I’ll hit it off with someone who’s better at promotion than I’ll ever be. Maybe I’ll just end up sharing a drink with some of my LA animation friends and get a gig that’ll pay well enough to let me extend my financial runway a couple more years.”) I still feel really weird about this and wonder if there were next to no entries (it only ran for a half a week, and they asked applicants to do Something Creative to say why they should be chosen to attend but didn’t mark uploading a video/image/etc as mandatory; I nearly abandoned the application when I got to that, but just rambled for a couple paragraphs of text instead), or if my crazy obsessive drawings actually stood out from the pack. Who knows. Either way I was able to persuade them to comp a conference ticket for Nick as well (what with him saying he’d like to try and take over some of the stuff that’s not drawing; we’re going to attend talks scheduled against each other and take notes), and paid for a couple of airplane rides with the Business Account. I’ve also contacted said Animation Friends about sharing lunch/a drink/etc.

Anyway. It’s getting to be about bedtime, I think.

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Now and then, some artist finds a really hilariously impractical piece of clothing, and draws one of their characters wearing nothing but it. And sometimes the combination of clothing and drawing is strong enough to become A Thing that circulates around the Internet for a few days.

Every now and then I end up drawing one of my characters in one of them.

The item in question is a short pink hoodie, with a huge half-circle cut out of the front. Kind of a bolero hoodie. It could probably look pretty good if it was accessorizing the right outfit, really; I feel that matching the claw polish to the hoodie went a long way to making it look less terrible. As did being a tease who’s deliberately not using it as an excuse for full frontal nudity.

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NSFW: cartoon dragon titties.

Read the rest of this entry »

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This morning I got stoned and decided that a galaxy-pattern catsuit under the bathrobe I still hadn’t bothered changing out of was a really good fashion choice for the morning. Then Nick said I looked like a far-future Arthur Dent who has truly become a hoopy frood who knows where his towel is. Because really, what is a bathrobe but a towel you can wear? He had it with him all along.

When he’s not travelling, that spacesuit is always with him. It probably converts into a useful backpack or something. Because after what he’s survived, there is no way Arthur would want to let that thing out of his possession. Ever.


In the shower I thought about this drawing as a pitch for a H2G2 cartoon adaptation.


* The spacesuit has invisibility capabilities; when Arthur’s not using it for that he has it just display whatever random imagery/video we feel like genlocking in there.

* The spacesuit can recycle his fluids into a substance almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea.

* Perhaps it is the latest model of the Guide? Compacts into an easy-to-carry box of roughly Gameboy size when not in use. It does NOT have a Genuine People Personality. Nobody wants that when they’re floating alone in the void of space.

* Every episode starts cold with Arthur in some tranquil setting (possibly wherever he finished last episode), when suddenly, disaster strikes and he is, once again, floating in the cold void of space. He sighs, dons the spacesuit, and begins reciting something similar to the Litany Against Fear centered around the words “Don’t Panic”. Cue “Journey of the Sorcerer” or some imitation thereof, opening titles are a montage of bits introducing Arthur and the main characters of this episode with Arthur still floating in space waiting for the Thumb to say something’s in range. As the opening titles come to a close, there’s something detected; Arthur turns on the Thumb capability of his suit via a closeup on his hand making a hitch-hiking gesture. Music climaxes, smash cut to episode title as the music fades, then we rudely drop Arthur into the middle of whatever mess we’ve thought up for him to muddle his way out of this time.


“You’ve essentially just reinvented Doctor Who”, said Nick when I pitched these ideas to him. Arguably yes, though I feel there’s a big difference: the Doctor is good at solving huge problems like “an entire universe has been converted into Daleks, who are now invading this universe with the aim of turning it into even more Daleks” while Arthur is good at averting problems well before they get to that point, or just not being where they are when they happen. His primary skills are being that super chill surfer dude who is really, really good at staying calm in the face of crisis and helping other people de-escalate. He does not necessarily solve the problem he’s dropped into in every episode; sometimes he just ends up running.

Also another way this is different from Doctor Who is that the Doctor is not costumed so as to look like she’s naked under her bathrobe. Arthur is. Because nobody really takes you seriously as a threat when you look like you’re naked under your bathrobe.

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NSFW: full frontal male nudity )
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I ran the 2012 Olympics' mascots through my patented de-chibifying process. This was the result.

Why the London Olympics felt that the 2012 games would best be symbolized by a pair of gay men with cameras for heads, I'll never know. I'm not even going to touch the fact that one of them is wearing a spandex singlet with Bart Simpson giving a blowjob on the front. But I will say that I'm really not so hot on Mandeville's decision to dye his hair blue and do it up in a couple of ponytails.

(thanks to [ profile] ianmcdonald for pointing out the security cameras, which got me thinking in this direction.)
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Nudity and romance cut )
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This, then, is the antagonist. Maybe. I really like the way she looks. But the question both Nick and I are asking is... just how Problematic is it to have Absinthe's nemesis be the only ethnically Black* character in the main cast?

* more like café-au-lait; she's darker than elfin-pale Silonjé (25%) but paler than Hester (75%), Kaese (75%) or the Wind-Up Boy (75/100%)... actually she's paler than Absinthe, too (75% with 100% markings). Mmm, furry stuff gets complicated when you bring in human skintone divisions, doesn't it.
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I have finally unpacked from I-Con. And in doing so, I'm assessing the state of the Tarot prints I brought - and putting them up for sale again. Lower this time, as they've been kicking around the studio for a year and a half now, and I'd really love to not have to haul them to Seattle!

These are all one-off prints, signed and numbered. They're as close as a digital artist like myself gets to "originals".

All links lead to the full image; these thumbnails are the tight crops used for my gallery pages.

MAJORS: $200 each. These are gorgeous, huge prints - about 20x32". They will brighten the heck out of a room.

0. The Fool
1. The Magician [ profile] beetiger
2. The High Priestess ($150 if bought with the High Priest)
3. The Empress ($150 if bought with the Emperor)
4. The Emperor($150 if bought with the Empress)
5. The High Priest ($150 if bought with the High Priestess)
6. The Lovers
7. The Chariot
8. (Sold)
9. The Hermit
10. Fortune
11. Justice
12. Untitled (The Hanged One/The Traitor)
13. Death
14. Temperance
15. The Devil
16. The Tower
17. Star ($400 gets you Star, Moon, and Sun) held for [ profile] coraa until next week
18. Moon ($400 gets you Star, Moon, and Sun)) held for [ profile] coraa until next week
19. Sun ($400 gets you Star, Moon, and Sun)) held for [ profile] coraa until next week
20. Judgement
21. Universe

COURTS: $100 each. These are about 12x19". They won't dominate a room but they'll certainly add some character to it!

Chevalier of Cups
Chevalier of Swords
Princess of Swords
King of Pentacles
Queen of Pentacles Moderate damage, $80.
Chevalier of Pentacles
Prince of Pentacles
King of Wands sold to [ profile] mmsword
Queen of Wands
Chevalier of Wands
Princess of Wands

NUMBERS: $50 each. They're 9x13" or so.
Several of these got damaged in hauling them to I-Con and back. These pieces are discounted. If you're interested in one, I can

A. The Root of the Powers of Water
2. Love Mild damage, $30. [ profile] liquidjewel
4. Luxury
5. Disappointment Mild damage, $30.
6. Pleasure Very mild damage, $40. [ profile] chirik
7. Debauch
10. Dream [ profile] rax

A. The Root of the Powers of Air
2. Peace Very mild damage, $40.
5. Defeat
7. Futility
8. Interference [ profile] chirik
9. Cruelty
10. Ruin Damaged, $30.

A. The Root of the Powers of Fire
2. Will Very mild damage, $40.
3. Creation Damaged, $25. [ profile] seabhac_mhor
4. Completion
5. Strife
7. Valour
8. Swiftness
9. Strength [ profile] chirik
10. Oppression

A. The Root of the Powers of Earth
2. Change Very mild damage, $40. [ profile] chirik
3. Work
5. Worry
7. Failure
8. Prudence
9. Gain
10. Wealth

If you really connect with one of the damaged Minors but can't imagine hanging it in its current state (ask, I'll provide photos) I can destroy the existing print and have a new one happen to take its place. It'll be full price though.

S&H: $20 for one or more Majors, $10 for one or more Courts or Numbers. No charge if you're in the Boston area and can come pick it up yourself.

Payment: Paypal to Or stick a check made out to Margaret Trauth in the mail to 78 Summer St, Apr 2R, Somerville MA 02143. Cash is fine if you buy one in person.

[ profile] koogrr, you're still first in line for Death, the Tower, and those Fours; these new prices do apply. Except to the 4W which you already paid the gallery for. *grin*


Feb. 18th, 2010 02:51 pm
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Big image )

[ profile] tugrik, just how ginormously fuck-off huge can you print stuff out at nowadays? I blew off doing a gallery show this year in part because I didn't want to have a ton more art to haul west but I think this one needs to be wall-sized...
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large image cut )
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So yeah, you start mucking again, you're gonna start drawing things related to scenes you do, right? Nick and I have been bouncing various combinations of our characters off of each other, and one pairing that worked out quite well was Amis, the hypnodomme space vixen with 3i+1 tails, against Hladolet, the catgirl who's been puppeted by the squid from Neptune.

NSFW: drippy openings )
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I've been drawing pretty much the same image every year around this time for a while now. But, well, what more do I need to say? "The days stop getting shorter, celebrate!" is worth saying again and again in slightly new ways. Today's not the solstice; that's this coming Monday but I'm too distractable to hang on to it for a few days.

So, yeah, enjoy your winter celebrations and have a great 2010! ♥
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Fan art for Larry Marder's Beanworld. The longest part was drawing all the Slats, Hoops, Twinks, and Chips in the bottom. Woo.
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First design roughs for reimagining one of my top 10 video games ever. If I can convince Jeff that 'using Cippy again' involves 'remixing Ancipial for the iPhone' then I will have a giant fangirl explosion of squee.

The femme variant needs to have her shapes pushed a bit further IMHO, I just wanted to see how the color cycling would work. She's not quite balanced against the gooniness of the original sprite - and might change from a unicorn to a goat as well. At likely in-game size the lines vanish; I'm probably gonna try big swaths of rainbow-cycle-color instead. And then knock out some animation cycles.

The bubbles over their heads and general dazed looks are due to the cheerfully absurd excuse the original game's story made for throwing all kinds of nonsense at you for enemies: the complex you're infiltrating is full of a gas that is toxic to humans, but only mildly hallucinogenic to these goat-people.


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