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Woo. I just woke up from an anxiety dream I never thought I'd have.

I'd gotten hired at an animation studio. First day on the job. My desk, my first scene. And I was choking. I looked at the layouts and I couldn't make head or tail of them. Went off for a walk outside to try and clear my head and stop quietly freaking out. When I came back the layouts had been cleaned up a bit by someone. But now this was a different scene. A longer one, with a very HB-modern girl involved. I kinda wandered around the studio and then suddenly there was Gabe sitting at my desk starting to do my scene for me (which had changed again, into something involving a closeup of a big butch dude with swapping faces like the Dodecahedrom on Phantom Tollbooth, talking about drawing theories as he did it - something about properly drawing the mouth/jaw area with the cute acronym of M.A.W.W., that was certainly working because his drawings were coming out a lot more casually solid than the model sheets!

The studio might've been some mirror-world version of Renegade; everything had the Googiefied H-B look they favor.

I told Gabe that I was grateful for the help but I needed to do this myself, but I would totally love to get together and hang, and have him beat some of that theory into me that I slacked off on. But I couldn't find a lightboard to do it on now (there was a diversion involving going to get one but I couldn't find one whose electrified lemons were in good enough condition to work). And when I went to make sure I had an up-to-date number for Gabe in my phone, it ran out of battery because it was the end of the day - though none of the other animators showed any sign of going home.

Gabe also gave the sage advice from his perspective as a decade-long industry veteran: this project looked kinda interesting, but don't get too attached to it. I think it was some kind of semi-educational thing, either that or a promotional film for some technology company. It kept shifting.

The studio was probably totally archaic by now. Everyone was working on paper. A lot of them were at benches rather than proper animation desks. But everything was painted bright, happy colors. Mostly a green, in the area I was in; different areas were different colors. At one point most of the crew was wearing color-coordinated clothes, too, which was kinda creepy.
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You might or might not remember the tattoo I was thinking about getting after my show. I was never quite happy with it as black wings, so it sat, and then near the beginning of this year I started playing with turning it into a multicolor thing instead.

On the plane back from Seattle, I think I finally got something that makes me happy.

I will have to consult with a few tattooists to find one who I think can make this work, and to see if anything resembling yellow that intense is actually possible - there may have to be one more round of revisions before this goes on my body! But it's something I intend to start working on in the next few months, once we get to Seattle. I really feel, at this point, like it would be a bad idea to stick a huge load of Boston ink in my body just as I'm about to leave.

Then I ran my laptop's battery down playing a video game for a while. And switched to the sketchbook.

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Jun. 4th, 2010 07:14 pm
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Nick's glasses have been in bad shape for a while, held together with increasing amounts of solder. Over the weekend they got thoroughly fragmented when I threw a ball at him and knocked them off, and then they got even more crunched after we got home. So we finally went out to get him some new ones. I decided to replace mine, as well; they're serviceable, but the right lens is increasingly and annoyingly scratched.

The optometrist told me that my prescription is lighter than the previous one from back in '06. Which was lighter than what I had before.

It's official; I'm getting old. I'm still very nearsighted - I'll know I'm really getting old when things get to the point where I can stop wearing glasses, and then to the point where I need them for close work instead of for seeing any further than six inches away.

On the other hand I am typing this while sitting on the back porch, wearing a short skirt and a tank-top, so I guess I'm not that old. Especially given that I'm going to be drawing weird porn once I finish this post and order a pizza...
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The best part of flying out of Seattle this time is knowing that we'll be BACK in a few months. Hopefully either we'll get the place we applied for, or the six bedroom place that's being checked out tomorrow will turn out to be even more awesome...
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[ profile] pathia was working through a mountain of dishes lift from the cooking of food for Memorial Day shenanigans.

Pathia: "Well, I probably won't have to do this so much soon, we're going to have a house-fox to do this kind of stuff in the future."
Me: "Oh? Who?"
Pathia: "[redacted] is gonna be moving in with us."
Me: "Oh, yeah, she should be good for those purposes, foxes are good at doing household chores. ... hey, wait, I've been being a fox lately. Oh, crap."

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So yeah I think we found the place. Janelle Monae on the radio singing "Take me back to Wondaland, gotta go back to Wondaland" as we looped through beautiful green hilly streets put me in a good mood. The place three full bathrooms, lovely living room... and the lowest price in our list. Yard's a lot more exposed than I'd like but the insides look great.

Now to go back to fuckin' Boston and pack for the rest of the month.

This was also after a lovely morning spent bumming around Pike Place Market and the U District with Nick in a delightfully dreamy state. I am SO looking forwards to ditching Boston for Seattle. ♥
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So yeah we went out for lunch and then we went to get some donuts at this place called Frost Donuts that does crazy gourmet stuff.

I drew on the box on the drive back.

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May. 26th, 2010 10:24 am
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The wonderful thing about the furry fandom is that everyone has a half-dozen identities, or more. It's fun to interact with different aspects of someone and have convenient labels for these modes.

The maddening thing about the furry fandom is that everyone has a half-dozen identities, or more. Sometimes I feel like I need a scorecard to work out just who I'm talking to.
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Seattle is reminding me that there's this color called green.

We went out to a Mongolian grill. I ended up with two fortune cookies; the second one had two fortunes! I must be having an interesting year.

1: You will have good luck in the autumn.
2a: You will be called to fill a position of high honor and responsibility.
2b: You will dine in an exotic restaurant.

Kinda covered that last already...
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Getting ready to go out to Seattle today; we'll be there by noon West Coast time. We're intending to hunt apartments but an interesting possibility may already have been turned up! Awesome.

Lately I keep on feeling like this world is just a dream, like it's something to wake up from. But I know that one of the hallmarks of dreams is acceptance of the reality around one, regardless of how weird it is, and this just all seems so mundane.

Unless of course the reality I'm not waking up to yet is incomprehensibly weird compared to this one. I dunno. I want to say that, well, I can tell it's weird because it won't change to suit me no matter how hard I try - but maybe it is, just not instantaneously.
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Walking with Rik.

" can I go 'rar' back at you?"
"You can go 'rar' at me any time you like. You can always go rar."
"Can I go 'yip'? Yip yip yip yip!"

He took his hand out of mine. "I don't want to be seen holding hands with a fox."
"But you'll hold hands with Rax! She's a fox!"
"Yeah, but she's a fox-kitty. It's different."

"Well, if you're going to go there, I mean, I'm a fox-dragon-coon-spider-archaeopteryx-bunnyzelle nowadays. I probably missed something, too."

He let me hold his hand again.

"...actually, I'm a double dragon, what with [Sekrit Pornmonger Identity] being a jaguar-dragon."


May. 23rd, 2010 03:00 pm
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Yesterday we went over by [ profile] somnialcat's place for a visit. Hopefully we'll manage at least one more time before we're gone out of town. [ profile] kaputotter made some awesome barbecue, and, as usual, I mostly hung out in a corner and drew. We didn't end up putting any video on so what I drew was mostly about me me me except for when Nick poked some things into my head.

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I went out today and picked up a spare power brick and a smallest-size Intuos for the purpose of making it easier to just pick up my shit and go if I want to get out to the cafe to focus on drawing, or to be slouching in the bed and start drawing - unweaving the letter-sized Intuos3 from my setup is a pain in the ass, and so's pulling the power brick from under the table.

And holy shit the Intuos4 line finally fixed the thing that made me abandon the Graphire2 that served me faithfully for most of a decade: the cable's not wired into it. It's a normal USB plug on one end and a mini-USB plug on the other. If it breaks, I can just scrounge up a cable. I will never need to replace this thing unless an elephant steps on it and cracks it in half.

And it came with six replacement nibs of the normal variety, and a handful of other kinds as well. Wow. I guess Wacom's selling enough of these things that they don't have to design in planned obsolescence at all.

The cute little touch wheel is, of course, utterly useless to an Illustrator addict like myself. There's just not a lot of things for it to control.
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NSFW: full frontal male nudity )
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I ran the 2012 Olympics' mascots through my patented de-chibifying process. This was the result.

Why the London Olympics felt that the 2012 games would best be symbolized by a pair of gay men with cameras for heads, I'll never know. I'm not even going to touch the fact that one of them is wearing a spandex singlet with Bart Simpson giving a blowjob on the front. But I will say that I'm really not so hot on Mandeville's decision to dye his hair blue and do it up in a couple of ponytails.

(thanks to [ profile] ianmcdonald for pointing out the security cameras, which got me thinking in this direction.)


May. 19th, 2010 05:25 pm
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Sitting at the cafe with Nick.

"I'll be back, I'm gonna pee and then I'll probably get a muffin."
"Muffin muffin muffin muffin muffin muffin."
"You're not a muffin."
"Muffin muffin muffin muffin."
"Maybe you're a foxmuffin."
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So, yeah, remember that Janelle Monae woman I gushed about a couple weeks ago? Her first full album's out and it does not disappoint. Every song swirls from one style to another in a seamless, beautiful mix; it makes me happy in a lot of the same ways that Barry Adamson or the Gorillaz do. Danceable, moody, and narrative, with lyrics that make me want to draw funky little comics or something.

It makes me very happy to listen to ArchAndroid and hear snippets of musical themes recurring from Chase Suite. I just wanna gush about how awesome this thing sounds and make people sit down and listen to it, because holy shit it makes my ears happy.

It looks like you can preview the whole thing on her MySpace page, and buy it on her site. Supposedly it's on iTunes but I didn't see it there. I figure she gets more money with less middlemen involved anyway.

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Got the palettes set up, got my keyboard shortcuts transferred over. I really wish you could import that shit. I may have to train myself on a new megapalette; the new, twice-as-tall stroke palette now extends off the bottom of my screen.

Got the default documents fixed, too. Goodbye to all the default color swatches, hello my own little set of frequently-used brushes. They live in ~Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Illustrator CS5/en_US/New Document Profiles, not in the app. Try to remember this for CS6, okay?

Damn. I can't make a bristle brush be a dotted line. I can live with that. Holy shit I just actually used the "eraser" thing they added along with all that Flash-like shit to turn my bristle brush stroke semi-dotted.

Man, now that I have tilt-sensitive brushes I'm really jonesing for the ability to rotate the view arbitratily. Feature request time.

Oh, man, all my frequently-used brushes (except for the signature chop) are pretty much taken care of by the default brush-width profiles that ship with AI. Awesome!

Aaw, geeze, guys. Make your brand new tools work with each other? Why can't I stack a brush-width curve on top of a bristle brush stroke? Lame.

I'm gonna have to play around with the bristle brush settings and make a few messes, soon.

It's really nice to be able to set the file's rasterization level to 72dpi, draw on a blurred-up layer with instant feedback, then bump it up to 300dpi with only the tiniest change in how things look.

Okay how do I do this perspective thing? Menu's ghosted out. Oh, there's a new tool in the toolbar for it. You know, I'm really feeling like AI has so damn many tools in it now, I wanna be able to edit the damn thing and take out stuff. Although Flash has that capability and I've never touched that. On the other hand I only use Flash grudgingly.

I don't understand this perspective thing yet. I guess I should RTFM.

Oh, I see, I control which face of the perspective stuff goes onto with that little cube widget that pops up. Funky.

Ugh, putting stuff onto a perspective plane is a permanent distortion, not a stackable effect. Not to my taste. I'll be sticking with distortion meshes.

Can't dump a d-mesh onto the perspective planes. Why not? Ah well. Can't put a g-mesh on there either.

Huh, secret double-click settings on the perspective tool. And on the new 'shape builder' tool as well.

Shape builder looks cute, if you're the kind of person who likes to weld all their pathfinder operations together permanently. I am not that kind of person, sadly; a lot of what I love about AI is the way everything is endlessly fungible... and most of the tools they've built think more like pixels. Ah well.

*reads the "What's New" section of the help* Ooooh, the new 'stretch control' for brushes will come in handy someday. I can see using it for things like ironwork fenceposts, for instance. Or tails. Or... who knows?

Guess I should try doing a real piece of work in it soon. The brush/lineweight enhancements are a big win; I can see myself using these a lot once I get the hang of 'em. People who like to use AI to reproduce the look of "ink on paper" are probably orgasmic over the lineweight tool.

Oh, ouchie, putting text onto a perspective plane expands it. Yyyyeah, I won't be using this tool until one to five versions from now when they finish it and make it work as a live effect.

Overall? I am not blown away. But I am pretty happy. This is the first update since 10 to give me anything new I actually wanted to play with; I can see the bristle brushes being an interesting new tool (especially once I dig into them and see how much I can abuse them), and I really like the new superpowerful stroke palette. I can ditch a script I used to use to tweak the alignment of dashed lines on closed paths, and oh wow doing my op starburst trick and applying a variable line weight is making my eyes hurt...

that's one oval path, with a dotted line applied, and one of the stock lineweight variations applied. ♥

Still using their annoying Windowsy window-sizing routine, I can still resize shit so that the resize handle falls offscreen, but at least it's not crashing every time I ask it to quit any more. Also the funky AICS5 splash screen is, well, it doesn't have an image on it or anything, but at least it's got some kind of interesting shape to look at it, and it's a much more refined kind of orange instead of a smack in the face with an orange brick.

This is the first version of AI I've actually felt compelled to not get the yoho discount on since 10.

I feel like an abuse victim. I'm repeatedly launching and closing Illustrator CS5 and taking joy in the fact that, unlike CS4, it doesn't crash every time I ask it to quit. Le sigh--

Why doesn't the width-changing tool work on calligraphic brushes? For that matter why can't I make a normal line that has its width profile tied to my stylus pressure? oh man this release has so much PROMISE but none of the features are actually INTEGRATED with each other or the old features; if CS6 fixes that integration I will be squeegasmic.
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The thought passed through my mind: "Hey, wasn't Adobe supposed to be upgrading their stuff? I haven't really heard anything about it, maybe I should go look." So I went to Adobe's site, expecting to see trumpeting of lots of useless-sounding features.

But I am pleasantly surprised. I think Illustrator CS5 is the first upgrade with features I want besides "doesn't crash on my new machine/OS" since AI10. Back in 2001, according to Wikipedia. Finally, there's a way to go back in and edit the pressure curve on a brush stroke. And 'bristle brushes', as well - it's like they actually picked up an old copy of Creature House's late, lamented Expression* and started implementing some of its features. They also finally finished the bitmap effects by making their settings be independent of the rasterization resolution; now maybe the annoying "purists" who insist that anything with a raster effect is "no longer vector" because "it doesn't scale" will shut up.

There's also a perspective tool but somehow I doubt I'll use it; I like to distort and skew my perspective by hand. Still, it's a feature I can actually see myself using at some point instead of "hey look, we ported over Flash's sloppy-ass drawing tools" or "we can pick color schemes for you".

Nine years since the last version I actually looked forwards to. Sheesh. Seriously; I've been using pretty much the exact same subset of the program since then. I think the only change that's made it into my workflow is the new gradient editors in CS4, and that's really only because it tends to pitch a fit and crash if you try to edit gradients with them hidden.

More once I actually have it on my machine. *download*

* Expression was pretty awesome. A little glitchy, but it was essentially a Painter to Illustrator's Photoshop - vector-based simulation of natural media. It had some pretty cool ideas but it kinda vanished when Microsoft bought Creature House and turned their tech into some kind of Fireworks clone or something, I'm not really sure what MS Expression actually does as it's Windows-only.

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