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Woo. I just woke up from an anxiety dream I never thought I'd have.

I'd gotten hired at an animation studio. First day on the job. My desk, my first scene. And I was choking. I looked at the layouts and I couldn't make head or tail of them. Went off for a walk outside to try and clear my head and stop quietly freaking out. When I came back the layouts had been cleaned up a bit by someone. But now this was a different scene. A longer one, with a very HB-modern girl involved. I kinda wandered around the studio and then suddenly there was Gabe sitting at my desk starting to do my scene for me (which had changed again, into something involving a closeup of a big butch dude with swapping faces like the Dodecahedrom on Phantom Tollbooth, talking about drawing theories as he did it - something about properly drawing the mouth/jaw area with the cute acronym of M.A.W.W., that was certainly working because his drawings were coming out a lot more casually solid than the model sheets!

The studio might've been some mirror-world version of Renegade; everything had the Googiefied H-B look they favor.

I told Gabe that I was grateful for the help but I needed to do this myself, but I would totally love to get together and hang, and have him beat some of that theory into me that I slacked off on. But I couldn't find a lightboard to do it on now (there was a diversion involving going to get one but I couldn't find one whose electrified lemons were in good enough condition to work). And when I went to make sure I had an up-to-date number for Gabe in my phone, it ran out of battery because it was the end of the day - though none of the other animators showed any sign of going home.

Gabe also gave the sage advice from his perspective as a decade-long industry veteran: this project looked kinda interesting, but don't get too attached to it. I think it was some kind of semi-educational thing, either that or a promotional film for some technology company. It kept shifting.

The studio was probably totally archaic by now. Everyone was working on paper. A lot of them were at benches rather than proper animation desks. But everything was painted bright, happy colors. Mostly a green, in the area I was in; different areas were different colors. At one point most of the crew was wearing color-coordinated clothes, too, which was kinda creepy.
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Dream fragments again.

1. I, and a dream-friend, were moving into my grandmother's house. I didn't want to live in the familiar parts so I climbed a hidden stairway to the (nonexistant) second floor, where I found three dusty, disused rooms that I decided I'd claim for bedroom, studio, and sitting room. The one I went into and thought of as probably being the studio had really bumpy floors.

Woke up and went back to sleep.

2. This is a visual idea from a jumble of bits happening in a tower with a nice ocean view: if I ever wanted to indicate someone was dead in a drawing, I could use black outlines to distinguish them from my usual swaths of luminous colors.
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I was a Fool, running jumping rolling falling down the mountain (barely on the edge of control, barely not hurting myself) playing flute followed by avalanche followed by earthquake into the endless valley of wind-bowed rippling golden wheat.

There I met a man who was building a small concrete building to keep an Elephant in.

After some very loud banging around to secure the Elephant while he took a break he came out to talk to me, and that is when i woke up. And decided he was a very alternative take on the Heirophant: the elephant (by way of the old saw about the blind men and the elephant) is a metaphor I'd used recently for the Unknowableness of the Divine, and he was constraining all comers' experience of this elephant to one particular angle and facet.

Before that---- i was happily running from Hindi-myth-looking multiplying replicating creatures when I fell into another reset of the archetype cycle and rolled down that mountain.

Before that there was cataclysmic weird sex layered with the ghostly overlays of the whole set of major arcana. Ethereal snakes coiling around my right arm guiding it in caresses. This was after guiding a maternal figure who slowly lost tokens of senses around a dangerous swampy place; she had surrendered her eye to a floating creature that was like a ceramic tube in texture when I dropped her eye into its unmoving mouth and it rattled through its short tube-like body and fell out. Her eye bounced on the ground like a ping-pong ball and I kept it; I was still holding it during that overlapped sex.

Before that I was watching a girl become some kind of fire heroine on a streetcorner that felt like hollywood, constantly distracted by an ever-growing mass of roots hanging from above that brushed my head.

There was stuff before that, too, but it's all fragmented.


Maybe Someone wants me to do another Tarot deck but I am kinda busy this year, I haven't even gone publisher-hunting for the last one!

dream bits

Dec. 13th, 2008 09:02 am
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A few fragments from my dreams last night:

A wardrobe opened, revealing a scene: several swords hanging from chains, with three skeletal figures hanging upside-down among them. I counted the swords and there were thirteen of them. I then tried drawing this as I liked the idea of a 13 of Swords for my Tarot deck; instead of doing a 99 for each suit, I'd have a different outlier card for each suit. There was an idea for the 15 of Cups, I think, but that's gone now. Overall, this 13S looked like something off of John Jude Palencar's covers for the H.P. Lovecraft collections.

Then I woke up and felt kind of creeped out by the image as I thought about it, and managed to get back to sleep eventually.

Later, I dreamed about having immense troubles trying to shuffle a copy of my deck. The handmade decks are a bit of trouble to shuffle, but this was moreso: the Courts were thinner than the rest of the cards (as in, ooh, 2x5" amongst a deck of 3x5"), and the Majors were circular. I'd do a loose insertion shuffle on them, then riffle them, and all the Majors would clump together. It was a pain.

13 of Swords. It's almost a caricature of what the suit ends up being about. Which is the idea behind the 99s - but I don't think I want to have the extra cards be that disconnected from each other.
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  1. Pan.

    This morning, I described a fragment of a dream that involved the genitals of an anatomically-correct Satan action figure. It led to [ profile] queenofstripes suggesting that ten years from now, when all education is religiously correct, biology class will involve a transparent figure of the Devil known as the "Visible Pan".
  2. Laurie Anderson.

    We were listening to some Laurie Anderson just now.

    "Her voice is so beautiful. I want to have phone sex with Laurie Anderson," I said.
    "No," said [ profile] queenofstripes. "You want to have phone sex with [ profile] rhinoscillator pretending to be Laurie Anderson."
    "Ooooooooh. Yeeessssss."

    1. Also, I'm working on a few bits of art. Something might get posted soon.
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That's what the little girl said I was when I crawled out of the flower pot to rest my vibrantly yellow-and-black striped wings. I knew that's how it was spelled immediately. The word hung there in my head after I woke up.

Before that, I'd just taken a bizarre tentacular creature that I'd had to repeatedly unwind from the bottom of a chair and dropped it, and a small slug, on a fresh, anonymous lump of meat. There was a pause, then a distinct sound of glee as the Thing burrowed into the meat. I watched it emerge from the other side, fatter and happier, with rather more left to dine on still, and went following its rainbow flowered trail to resume my search for a keyboard that wasn't missing three-fourths of its keys.

Obviously at some point between these two events I shrank, but I'm not sure how.


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