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  1. Pan.

    This morning, I described a fragment of a dream that involved the genitals of an anatomically-correct Satan action figure. It led to [ profile] queenofstripes suggesting that ten years from now, when all education is religiously correct, biology class will involve a transparent figure of the Devil known as the "Visible Pan".
  2. Laurie Anderson.

    We were listening to some Laurie Anderson just now.

    "Her voice is so beautiful. I want to have phone sex with Laurie Anderson," I said.
    "No," said [ profile] queenofstripes. "You want to have phone sex with [ profile] rhinoscillator pretending to be Laurie Anderson."
    "Ooooooooh. Yeeessssss."

    1. Also, I'm working on a few bits of art. Something might get posted soon.
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