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[ profile] perlandria came over bearing her newly-acquired copy of Katamari Damancy.

It seems to be a quietly-released second version - slightly different level layouts, different order of encountering the levels, and you do have to actually collect the cousins before you can play them in the 2-player game. Also doing the dash seems a little easier, though it might just be me. Never mind, I'm just hallucinating.

The King of All Cosmos is as gay as ever.

So. There you go. Useless things to buy.


Jun. 5th, 2005 09:46 am
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I gave serious thought this morning to not going to Santa Cruz today. It was a weird night that left me in a weird mood this morning.

But... what the hell. I'm not going to be bringing the bug outfit to Anthrocon - it's a bitch to pack, and I wore it at the last furry con I went to. I should wear it at least one more time this year!

I find it somehow ironic that I grew up in a town that's infamous for carnival, yet my first taste of being part of the show is going to be all the way across the country in a little beach community. Yeah, I was definitely part of the show at Folsom St. Fair, but I wasn't expecting to be in the high end of freakishness; here, I'm going to be out in public dressed as a plastic bug-girl.

I kinda still just want to stay home and doodle. I want to draw something, something strange, I don't know what. I haven't drawn much lately except for this freelance stuff, and it feels... weird.


Jun. 4th, 2005 01:13 pm
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I may be wearing the bug-girl costume again tomorrow. In public this time. Sammi has been making some plans to go to Santa Cruz tomorrow, then hiking in the redwoods.

And it turns out that tomorrow is the gay pride parade in SC. Sooooo...

I was debating body paint and glitter and the army boots we got yesterday (better for hiking than Converse, now QUEERED UP with glimmery green laces and spirals painted on the sides) but the selection of body paint she has is somewhat limited, and not really colors that'd flatter me. I could maybe get somewhere with the black and white, but the yellow and brown are so not me.

Mmm. I just remembered a body-paint scene I did on Puzzlebox a week or so ago. It only involved black and white. I could definitely do something good. It wouldn't animate like it did in fantasy, of course...


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