May. 10th, 2005

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so most of the stories in "cthulhu sex" really did nothing for me. too lovecraft-turgid writing, too glib. one was nice and moody but it was very much a strangewarp mindfuck thing and i was hoping more for, you know, hot squishy tentacles invading orifices.

trying to sleep, fragments fluttered through my mind.

so i fired up bbedit on the laptop... this is a first draft. it needs tightening up, polishing of prose, a few better metaphors. i think i need to establish in the first sentence or three that both characters are women. i also need to give it proper capitalization. laptop laziness, yknow?

it's set at a concert because of [ profile] protocat's entry tonight about a really good autechre gig. comments welcome, starting with whether or not it's the slightest bit sexy to anyone else, and if the Surprising Twist Ending actually parses without me being so blunt as to come right out and name the narrator for what she is...

also posting this makes me more likely to do more with it, instead of just leave it on the laptop forever.

girl/girl, tentacles, heavily suggestive )
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Well. That was interesting. Sammi and I were out walking when a car pulled up beside us. It was [ profile] roon and [ profile] amilori driving around thinking about dinner. They'd been wanting to visit for a bit, since their temporary home is very very close, but the scheduling involved never happened.

So we ended up hopping in their car! And visiting the crafts store, and their luxurious double-wide transitional trailer, and then we had pizza! And I learnt that being a Porn Disapprover for Yahoo! is a disturbing job.

Conversation was random and silly and ofttimes lewd.

Then they got introduced to the new washer-dryer machine, which is, I swear, from Charmwarp. She's so cute and she makes such happy noises! Every alert is a happy, upbeat sequence of bleeps! And laundry will no longer be an epic quest to make happen!

Life is good.

ps. more coherent description of events by Roon

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