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so most of the stories in "cthulhu sex" really did nothing for me. too lovecraft-turgid writing, too glib. one was nice and moody but it was very much a strangewarp mindfuck thing and i was hoping more for, you know, hot squishy tentacles invading orifices.

trying to sleep, fragments fluttered through my mind.

so i fired up bbedit on the laptop... this is a first draft. it needs tightening up, polishing of prose, a few better metaphors. i think i need to establish in the first sentence or three that both characters are women. i also need to give it proper capitalization. laptop laziness, yknow?

it's set at a concert because of [ profile] protocat's entry tonight about a really good autechre gig. comments welcome, starting with whether or not it's the slightest bit sexy to anyone else, and if the Surprising Twist Ending actually parses without me being so blunt as to come right out and name the narrator for what she is...

also posting this makes me more likely to do more with it, instead of just leave it on the laptop forever.


it was something in her eyes. her wide, staring eyes. our gazes met in that crowded club and she just had to have me. i could tell. i had to have her.

we orbited closer in the dance floor as the opening act went through their paces. she in that enveloping black coat, me in my bright green dress cut down to the navel. i suppose we were both on the hunt, that night.

her fingers were ice as they ran up the curve of my breast, up my throat. "now, alice, before the show begins," her voice buzzed in my ear. i hadn't given her my name. those eyes had taken it from me. i could only nod and follow her.

in the stark fluorescent light of the women's bathroom, her beauty was inhuman. pale, deathly pale. the flesh beneath her coat was faintly squamous. i only wanted to see more of it. more of her.

her buzz was bright off of the soiled tiles. i was sure someone was going to hear it, someone was going to see as i bent to tongue her chill green nipple as my hands slid round her waist to brush the fins folded against her arms as i fell to my knees before her, wet with desire and need.

but nobody came to see, no eyes saw this but hers. the bass throbbed through our bodies. and my fingers touched the velvet anemone of her sex. the little tentacles coiled about my fingers with an eager desire, and i don't know whose smile was wider when i looked up to meet her gaze once more.

the headliner's first song echoed through the bathroom as her largest tentacle slid from within her. pale, pale azure with the faintest of ripples along its length. covered in chill, shining excitement. i could just imagine it slithering up inside me, probing deep, stealing my warmth and my volition. but my mouth was right there and we were both eager. my breath was warm enough, and my throat hot and tight around her alien member.

she moaned and screamed in gibberish. she blessed me in the name of some strange god.

when her thick jelly rolled down my throat, her howl was a beautiful and primal thing.

i lost her in the crowd and the lights. late that night, after the final encore, i fed upon the blood of a boy who drink had emboldened. he whimpered like they always do when the musk hits them and my fangs sink in. but all i could see was her eyes. all i could smell was the salty tang of her thighs, the faint paralytic tingle of her tentacles. all i could taste was her slime.

a hundred and thirty-seven years since i first rose from the earth with a new hunger, and for the first time this night i was the prey. did she leave some dank seed in me? will it find purchase in my undead flesh? i should be afraid. i should be worried. i can only think of her smile, and her unblinking, piscine gaze.

i hope i see her again soon.

she smelt like the sea.

Date: 2005-05-10 07:34 am (UTC)
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...and I just removed five super-slimy slugs from my house last night, crawling up the walls, and around the floor near the cat-dish. Coincidence?

Date: 2005-05-10 09:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Salt and clean air.

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