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Two weird scribbles with story behind them of sorts. Both quickly tarted up in Photoshop instead of the usual Illustrator treatment, though I might do AI on one or both. Contains boobs, you're warned.

Four Moving One Seen and her pet/toy/apprentice Pretty Fifth Gem Whom Wiles Have Conquered.

Four Moving One Seen is a Trickster, a vixen, a seductress, and far too cunning for her own good. Pretty Fifth Gem Whom Wiles Have Conquered is... maybe going to get to be a vixen someday too, if she plays her cards right and obeys the right orders and breaks the right ones.

Some of the tails are imaginary.

Meanwhile, Rikal gets a ride on the back of a friendly rocket-spider. This may be a sign of insanity on xir part, but it's fun. Even if they're going a couple hundred miles an hour just off the ground.
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