Apr. 22nd, 2010

egypturnash: (serpent)
This past weekend, I negotiated some business.

Nothing amazing, right? That happens all the time. Except I did this on Taps, as a giggling serpent curled up around a hookah, sharing it with the person I was dealing with. After a bit we shifted to out-of-character whispers, but there was still a sense of it taking place in that context, filtered through the exotic masks we were wearing.

I find the experience to be at once amazingly futuristic and charmingly retro - futuristic because, well, it was happening in this utterly fantastiic context, enabled by the Internet; retro because it's just text, going back and forth to a codebase that started some twenty years ago and hasn't really changed in terms of how the player interacts with it since it started.

Lots of stuff hanging for me to do; thankfully spring seems to be here for real now. My to-do list for today includes a chunk of dealing with those Tarot prints - checking just who's actually paid for 'em, getting them towards being prepped for shipping, and probably getting more plexiglass as well, since I know there's more going out. Lists to make and maintain, ugh.

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