Mar. 29th, 2010

egypturnash: (cheshire)
A summary of my I-Con experience:

Got going late, got hung up in New York City traffic. Got completely lost while trying to get from hotel to con site because all their directions take you to a point a couple of miles south of where the map of the campus they provided starts, so we were driving about aimlessly in the dark "east" and "west" campuses rather than the "main" campus. Looking back I can't find any warning of this fact; I didn't finally figure out the real geography of where the con was spread out versus where they were telling us to go until Sunday.

Argued with Nick a lot. Didn't sell a damn thing in the (very out-of-the-way) art show; didn't even have the heart to figure out where I was supposed to have a table (I wasn't listed anywhere in the dealer's room map) to deal from for the six or so hours I wasn't committed to panels what with all the stress, and the way I felt really out of place as a tiny bit of a very creator-focused fandom in what I realized is a very media-fandom con.

We had an okay time the last day after I did my last few panels. And apparently a hell of a lot of the people who made it to the art show were talking about the Tarot pieces I'd brought. But I hauled 'em all back home. (I saw like four "sold" stickers in the entire show when I checked it mid-day Sunday.)

I don't think I'd go again. Though I'm pretty sure I won't get invited back next year, what with missing fully half the panels they put me on.

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