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NSFW: full frontal male nudity )
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I ran the 2012 Olympics' mascots through my patented de-chibifying process. This was the result.

Why the London Olympics felt that the 2012 games would best be symbolized by a pair of gay men with cameras for heads, I'll never know. I'm not even going to touch the fact that one of them is wearing a spandex singlet with Bart Simpson giving a blowjob on the front. But I will say that I'm really not so hot on Mandeville's decision to dye his hair blue and do it up in a couple of ponytails.

(thanks to [ profile] ianmcdonald for pointing out the security cameras, which got me thinking in this direction.)
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Nudity and romance cut )
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This, then, is the antagonist. Maybe. I really like the way she looks. But the question both Nick and I are asking is... just how Problematic is it to have Absinthe's nemesis be the only ethnically Black* character in the main cast?

* more like café-au-lait; she's darker than elfin-pale Silonjé (25%) but paler than Hester (75%), Kaese (75%) or the Wind-Up Boy (75/100%)... actually she's paler than Absinthe, too (75% with 100% markings). Mmm, furry stuff gets complicated when you bring in human skintone divisions, doesn't it.
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I have finally unpacked from I-Con. And in doing so, I'm assessing the state of the Tarot prints I brought - and putting them up for sale again. Lower this time, as they've been kicking around the studio for a year and a half now, and I'd really love to not have to haul them to Seattle!

These are all one-off prints, signed and numbered. They're as close as a digital artist like myself gets to "originals".

All links lead to the full image; these thumbnails are the tight crops used for my gallery pages.

MAJORS: $200 each. These are gorgeous, huge prints - about 20x32". They will brighten the heck out of a room.

0. The Fool
1. The Magician [ profile] beetiger
2. The High Priestess ($150 if bought with the High Priest)
3. The Empress ($150 if bought with the Emperor)
4. The Emperor($150 if bought with the Empress)
5. The High Priest ($150 if bought with the High Priestess)
6. The Lovers
7. The Chariot
8. (Sold)
9. The Hermit
10. Fortune
11. Justice
12. Untitled (The Hanged One/The Traitor)
13. Death
14. Temperance
15. The Devil
16. The Tower
17. Star ($400 gets you Star, Moon, and Sun) held for [ profile] coraa until next week
18. Moon ($400 gets you Star, Moon, and Sun)) held for [ profile] coraa until next week
19. Sun ($400 gets you Star, Moon, and Sun)) held for [ profile] coraa until next week
20. Judgement
21. Universe

COURTS: $100 each. These are about 12x19". They won't dominate a room but they'll certainly add some character to it!

Chevalier of Cups
Chevalier of Swords
Princess of Swords
King of Pentacles
Queen of Pentacles Moderate damage, $80.
Chevalier of Pentacles
Prince of Pentacles
King of Wands sold to [ profile] mmsword
Queen of Wands
Chevalier of Wands
Princess of Wands

NUMBERS: $50 each. They're 9x13" or so.
Several of these got damaged in hauling them to I-Con and back. These pieces are discounted. If you're interested in one, I can

A. The Root of the Powers of Water
2. Love Mild damage, $30. [ profile] liquidjewel
4. Luxury
5. Disappointment Mild damage, $30.
6. Pleasure Very mild damage, $40. [ profile] chirik
7. Debauch
10. Dream [ profile] rax

A. The Root of the Powers of Air
2. Peace Very mild damage, $40.
5. Defeat
7. Futility
8. Interference [ profile] chirik
9. Cruelty
10. Ruin Damaged, $30.

A. The Root of the Powers of Fire
2. Will Very mild damage, $40.
3. Creation Damaged, $25. [ profile] seabhac_mhor
4. Completion
5. Strife
7. Valour
8. Swiftness
9. Strength [ profile] chirik
10. Oppression

A. The Root of the Powers of Earth
2. Change Very mild damage, $40. [ profile] chirik
3. Work
5. Worry
7. Failure
8. Prudence
9. Gain
10. Wealth

If you really connect with one of the damaged Minors but can't imagine hanging it in its current state (ask, I'll provide photos) I can destroy the existing print and have a new one happen to take its place. It'll be full price though.

S&H: $20 for one or more Majors, $10 for one or more Courts or Numbers. No charge if you're in the Boston area and can come pick it up yourself.

Payment: Paypal to Or stick a check made out to Margaret Trauth in the mail to 78 Summer St, Apr 2R, Somerville MA 02143. Cash is fine if you buy one in person.

[ profile] koogrr, you're still first in line for Death, the Tower, and those Fours; these new prices do apply. Except to the 4W which you already paid the gallery for. *grin*


Feb. 18th, 2010 02:51 pm
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Big image )

[ profile] tugrik, just how ginormously fuck-off huge can you print stuff out at nowadays? I blew off doing a gallery show this year in part because I didn't want to have a ton more art to haul west but I think this one needs to be wall-sized...
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So yeah, you start mucking again, you're gonna start drawing things related to scenes you do, right? Nick and I have been bouncing various combinations of our characters off of each other, and one pairing that worked out quite well was Amis, the hypnodomme space vixen with 3i+1 tails, against Hladolet, the catgirl who's been puppeted by the squid from Neptune.

NSFW: drippy openings )
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I've been drawing pretty much the same image every year around this time for a while now. But, well, what more do I need to say? "The days stop getting shorter, celebrate!" is worth saying again and again in slightly new ways. Today's not the solstice; that's this coming Monday but I'm too distractable to hang on to it for a few days.

So, yeah, enjoy your winter celebrations and have a great 2010! ♥
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Fan art for Larry Marder's Beanworld. The longest part was drawing all the Slats, Hoops, Twinks, and Chips in the bottom. Woo.
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First design roughs for reimagining one of my top 10 video games ever. If I can convince Jeff that 'using Cippy again' involves 'remixing Ancipial for the iPhone' then I will have a giant fangirl explosion of squee.

The femme variant needs to have her shapes pushed a bit further IMHO, I just wanted to see how the color cycling would work. She's not quite balanced against the gooniness of the original sprite - and might change from a unicorn to a goat as well. At likely in-game size the lines vanish; I'm probably gonna try big swaths of rainbow-cycle-color instead. And then knock out some animation cycles.

The bubbles over their heads and general dazed looks are due to the cheerfully absurd excuse the original game's story made for throwing all kinds of nonsense at you for enemies: the complex you're infiltrating is full of a gas that is toxic to humans, but only mildly hallucinogenic to these goat-people.
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Just a little warm-up, and an experiment with something different from my usual look. Based fairly closely on what I see in some frames of this blurry, decaying copy of Dr. John performing his song of the same name.

I've been listening to a lot of Dr. John these past few weeks; I'm not sure why. I just snagged a few of his early psychedelic albums off of the net. Really, this stuff was just sort of... the background of my youth, in a way that I never really noticed it. That particular New Orleans variety of funk was all around me growing up, in local commercials and tv shows.

I do not know enough hoodoo to know how inappropriate the title of the song is for this image I plucked from that decrepid video. All Wikipedia tells me is that there's a town way the hell out in the sticks of LA called Mamou, currently billing itself as "The Cajun Music Capital Of The World"; Dr. John is many things but he sure ain't "cajun" - that's a different mix; he's distinctly a New Orleans brew.
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There was blood for this picture.

Rik had scavenged a VCR that he was in the process of disassembling for parts. It's all full of gears and switches and interesting bits. I was looking over his shoulder and saw two parts that, to me, looked like some kind of geometric, stylized cybernetic angel.

He said he'd take them out for me. I wandered off, opened up a new window in Illustrator, and started drawing. When I was halfway through he came in bearing the parts that inspired me, flecked with a little bit of his blood.
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The comics we bought on our Saturday out: Jeff Smith's Rasl, #1-4. Awesome stuff.
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Inspired by these crazy-awesome fliers. Artists! If you make a Sam Davis flier (preferably B&W) and mail me a printable-res file I will print them out and stick 'em up around where I found the originals! His fliers made me laugh my head off in delight, I want to return the favor.

I've got a stack of ten of these, sitting here on my desk, waiting for us to find a stapler...

Because, really: you spend some time making creative, weird fliers to get people interested in your guitar lessons, and then suddenly you start seeing weird fliers you didn't make pop up. Advertising your services in exactly the same zany way. Is it creepy or delightful or some of both?

(8.5x11, gotta include his real phone number in the tear-off tags, nothing raunchy as I don't wanna get him in trouble, okay?)
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I figure that, well, the Movellans are sexy robots, at some point the Daleks would try (badly) to emulate that to gain the sympathy of other races in their endless war against half the Doctor Who universe.

For Exdrawminate!.
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Another one from the "rework obscure heroes who have fallen into the public domain" section of Warren Ellis' board.

Sharon Kane is the sworn enemy of all criminals. Her specially designed bracelets eject spider webbing. Her boyfriend is a detective named Mike O'Bell.
- that's it, three sentences.

I kept the "Spider-Man ripoff" nature of the concept (note that the color scheme is even red/blue!) but gave her some cyber arms, and decided to proceed on the assumption that the world is ready for an attempt at a trans superheroine who will seem embarrassingly earnest in fifteen years when we look back and roll our eyes at the fact that her name just has to include a clumsy recognition of her gender status the way all the non-honky heroes of the seventies were "The Black Noun" or suchlike.

I'd like to think that her gender issues aren't the central narrative of the out-of-costume parts of the book but it'd probably depend on who you got to write it.

Also, earlier abandoned rough.
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I was idly chasing links through the world-wide web and ended up looking at a thread on Warren Ellis' board in which he invites people to reimagine an obscure bit of pulp nonsense:

One of the more outré of the pulp characters—and given the genre, that’s quite saying something, believe me—the Octopus was actually the villain of the piece in his single issue, The Octopus v1 #4, 1939, written by...well, it's not exactly clear. It might be Norvel Page, or it might be Ejler and Edith Jacobsen. A rather over-the-top mad scientist, the Octopus worked from a big city hospital and plotted world conquest. His appearance might explain his desire to dominate the world; he's sea-green, with four "suction-cupped weaving tentacles" set above "hideously malformed" legs. He wears a small mask, and behind it can be seen two enormous, luminous, purple eyes. He was the leader of the Purple Eyes, a cult bent on world domination and mass destruction. The Octopus’ chosen method was an "ultra-violet ray" which devolved men and women and turned them into deformed, life-hating monsters hungry for human flesh and glowing with “ultraviolet purple.” Against the Octopus was set Jeffrey Fairchild, a young millionaire philanthropist (he eventually stopped the Octopus, of course). He had three identities. The first was Jeffrey Fairchild, hospital administrator. The second was was kindly Dr. Skull, the old man who made a practice of helping the poor in the slums. (His good works didn’t help him when everyone thought that he was the Octopus, however) In his other identity he was the “Skull Killer,” who fought crime and left a skull-imprint, ala the Spider, on his enemies. Fairchild was assisted by Carol Endicott, Dr. Skull’s nurse.

I found the Skull Killer to be more interesting to play with than some guy with tentacles. He kinda ended up being a Baron Saturday-looking guy, which is maybe kinda appropriate for a doctor.

edit: Oh, awesome, it was the first piece Ellis showed on the blog post he made about this round.
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And here is part 4 of 4. With a few strategic layers turned off - go to Anthrocon and read the conbook to find out how it ends! I've sent the files off and hopefully they will turn out okay.

Or wait until after AC when I'll post the uncensored last page. *grin*

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