Jun. 4th, 2010 07:14 pm
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Nick's glasses have been in bad shape for a while, held together with increasing amounts of solder. Over the weekend they got thoroughly fragmented when I threw a ball at him and knocked them off, and then they got even more crunched after we got home. So we finally went out to get him some new ones. I decided to replace mine, as well; they're serviceable, but the right lens is increasingly and annoyingly scratched.

The optometrist told me that my prescription is lighter than the previous one from back in '06. Which was lighter than what I had before.

It's official; I'm getting old. I'm still very nearsighted - I'll know I'm really getting old when things get to the point where I can stop wearing glasses, and then to the point where I need them for close work instead of for seeing any further than six inches away.

On the other hand I am typing this while sitting on the back porch, wearing a short skirt and a tank-top, so I guess I'm not that old. Especially given that I'm going to be drawing weird porn once I finish this post and order a pizza...
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