Aug. 16th, 2009 03:18 pm
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Doodling direct into AI.

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Someday I would like to do some comics with this character but despite all my best efforts she still feels too much like Hellboy fanfic to make me happy. Even though she owes as much to the Shadow and to some of Lord Dunsanay's early work as Mignola.

Her name is Mary, she used to be completely human, and she kills monsters. Occasionally tentacles and stuff sprout out of her. Normally her shadow is human, I dunno what's up with the first drawing - maybe she's having a really bad week.

edit. The more I look at the two pieces here that're more than just lines, the more I think that would be a pretty cool look for if I ever do some comics with her. The sketchy mono-weight lines with solid areas would be an interesting place between Mignola's schtick and mine. As long as I don't mimic his idiosyncratic ways of handling some surfaces.
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More sketchbook stuff. If you're seeing this in your friends list, you should read the commentary in the previous post to make sense of some of this.

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I haven't been in the mood to do a sketchbook post in a while, though I've had spates of using it. So, here's the first of a few... Chronological order is not completely preserved, as I skip between the large and small sketchbooks nowadays.

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