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In a couple of weeks Nick and I will be in Seattle looking for apartments. And I just realized that I haven't been involved in that since, oh, 2001.

This should be... interesting. I have a few ideas of what I want and how to look, but I just know there's something I'm not thinking of!
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Man, Steam for the Mac is really prone to just sitting there pinwheeling. I haven't gotten it to launch anything for me yet; it just sits there eating up tons of CPU when I tell it to run a game...

Also why the fuck are they doing that stupid Windows thing where you can resize their windows from the sides? I don't care if that's what you're used to on Windows, this is a Mac, and it feels wrong.

It does make me happy that I won't have to re-purchase the Monkey Island games if I decide to play them again in my native OS instead of via Crossover. Assuming I can get anything to, you know. Ever actually run.

edit. Oh, looks like the demo of "And Yet It Moves" is the not-running culprit, rather than Steam; a different demo is actually running. And it finally started downloading Portal, to boot. Hmm. Excluding ~/Documents/Steam Content from Time Machine backups seems like a very good idea...
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Frank Frazetta, 1928-2010.

I don't show his influence on the surface of my work, but there's a lot I learnt about composition from him. And for some reason it was the drunken pornmonger alternate identity who wanted to claim this piece. Go figure.
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Take 70-something versions of 'Popcorn', run them through some algorithmic beat-matching/mixing algorithms, and you get... this.

twelve minutes. Shifting dizzily between tempos and tonalities every four or eight bars. MY BRAIN HURTS. So, so much.

I am totally keeping this mp3.
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Book-sorting has now progressed to the point where there are several piles on the floor with post-its listing who's said they don't want them. So many books! And I just hit a major chunk of ones I must.keep, too...
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Not that unproductive a day so far. Got up, puttered around, sorted some more books into the "keep" and "don't care" piles (so far it's looking like we'll be keeping about half our library when we move), then wrapped some of the Tarot prints up in bubble wrap and schlepped them out to get shipped - they say [ profile] chirik's stuff should be there in about three days, while [ profile] mmsword's piece might get there tomorrow.

Dunno what I'll do with the rest of the day yet. Probably draw some.
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Man, you don't realize what a convenience hot and cold running water that's safe to drink is until you have to do without for a few days.

This weekend, a water main broke and all of metro Boston had to do without. They were diverting water in from auxiliary reservoirs, so we had water for showers, firefighting, and the like - but it wasn't safe to drink. Not without boiling it first. And it wasn't safe to wash dishes in. Not without soaking them in a solution of bleach afterwards and letting them dry off.

We, personally, fared okay. Got a couple of jugs of bottled water and kept ourselves hydrated, went out to eat rather more than usual - we were planning on going out to eat last night anyway, for purposes of celebrating Rik quitting his job.

But now it's fixed. I ran the water for a while to flush any of the non-potable water out of the pipes, and then I was able to wash the dishes I needed for breakfast. Mmm, granola with yogurt. Yum.
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We went out to dinner tonight, to celebrate Rik having had his last day on his soul-draining job last week.

When we got home, I bought a pair of plane tickets - me and Nick are going to go to Seattle and hunt apartments during the last week of May. We might end up moving during June. Which would be nice as we'll have made my half-joking deadline of "before my next birthday*".

I'd woken up hoping to start getting some of these paid-for Tarot prints in the mail (yes, I have been lax), but threatening rain and Rik dragging me out for tax reasons put the kibosh on that. Thunderstorms are promised tomorrow, I think I'll be dragging prints out on a sunny day thank you very much...

* July 5, if you're curious.


May. 1st, 2010 02:24 pm
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Me and Rik went for a walk in the beautiful sunny weather. When we came back we started going through the library - we need to decide which books we actually want to bother hauling with us to Seattle. There's a big pile of stuff that I Don't Need To Take that both he and Nick need to go through to make similar choices.

I found a pile of Shatter, a 1980s comic that was drawn in MacPaint and then toned with watercolor. I held it up and giggled. And Rik said, "Oh, that's mine. When I was fourteen or fifteen it was the coolest th--" and didn't get to finish his sentence, because I was pressed up against him, kissing him. Because when I was about the same age, I thought the same thing: here's this artifact from the future.

Now it looks like crap, of course. But still! We're keeping those suckers.

...On the other hand, I felt a curious lack of emotion upon dumping one and a half sets of all the Calvin and Hobbes books on the "don't need this" pile. Felt like I should have felt something. But I didn't.
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So! I just did something I should have been doing on a regular basis years ago: I dropped a form for a table at FC2011 into the mail, and filled out the web form for a table at RF2010.

I mean, I should have been doing this shit regularly back around 1995 or so. But I was just so unconfident in my self and my art.

Anyway, if they come through, I might be open to tablesharing. We'll see. Depends on mood and whether or not I want to haul a printer there...


Apr. 30th, 2010 04:46 am
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Dream. Was about to tell a cute trusting little girl named Alice that she was a robot. This was complicated by the fact that she was a KILLER robot. Had given the task to her father figure but he was horribly botching it; was about to gently take over when I woke up to a cold room. Turned in heater, typed this on floam, going back to sleep. Hope she takes it well.

Edit, 11 in the morning. I took a while to go back to sleep because I slipped into this uneasy state where I convinced myself that I was the robot in question, kept in a virtual reality to develop. Kinda like A Mind Forever Voyaging except without the trip into a dubious future simulation. Stuck in this state where I was dead tired but kind of afraid to go to sleep for a while, as this 'is reality really real?' kind of theme bounced around my head. I'm beginning to wonder if this is just a place my brain goes when I'm stuck just barely on the waking side of sleep; the previous times I got there due to chemicals, but this time I found myself there stone cold sober.

I am starting to wonder if my brain is starting to slip the same gear PKD slipped. It ain't fun to be in that place, deep in the middle of the night, whether you're all alone or have someone trying to comfort you. Doubting the nature of your entire reality and having no clue as to what the hell will happen if you do take the choice to try and wake up is scary.
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Standing in the shower, pondering the hard-to-shake depression I've been under for the past month. I drifted to the realization that more and more I've been feeling like the world is some kind of dream, some kind of illusion. Some kind of shadow of much more complicated processes. And I realized that this is just feeding into my lethargy; if it's all a dream why bother doing anything? I'll just wake up and it'll be gone, someday.

Then the back of my brain served up this chorus:

This is the world we live in
And these are the hands we're given
Use them and let's start trying
To make it a place worth living in.

(Genesis, Land Of Confusion)

Which is... what I keep telling myself, really. This is where I am, this is the story I'm in. How can I leave it a little more interesting, a little prettier, than it was when I came into it?

The scanner's cleared off; time to pick up the four or five pencilled pages of Absinthe that've been sitting around for a month and get them into Illustrator, time to take the page that's been sitting half-done on the desk and either tackle the one tough bit that remains, or just put it away for a while and draw some more pages. I'm way behind my hoped-for schedule for chapter two and I've been using that as another thing to mope about instead of just getting going.

I also need to turn over ICon in my head and figure out just what about it triggered this fall back into the grey pit...
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"I wonder if I could shave this chunk of parmesan cheese into a gömböc?" - me, as I made pizza.

robot soul

Apr. 28th, 2010 05:54 pm
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This woman (a) has an EP out that tells the tale of a robot on the run, (b) shifts musical styles like an insane chameleon, (c) has a wonderfully gender-fucking presentation, and (d) dances like she's only barely connected to the earth.

Her first full-length album is supposed to be out next month, and will supposedly be parts 2 and 3 of the 4-part lost-robot saga begun in the aformentioned EP. I think I'm in love. How the fuck does someone like this get nominated for a Grammy?


Apr. 24th, 2010 01:02 am
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I ended up slouching around the house today. A large part of it was spent finally reading Iain M. Banks' most recent book, "Transition", which has been sitting around since Christmas.

Iain M. Banks is a twisty motherfucker. His last couple books have been, honestly, a bit lacking in my opinion, but this one is gripping, strange, and wild. And unexpectedly hyperdimensional, which seems kind of weird because that's been in my thoughts a lot lately. But anyway.
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This past weekend, I negotiated some business.

Nothing amazing, right? That happens all the time. Except I did this on Taps, as a giggling serpent curled up around a hookah, sharing it with the person I was dealing with. After a bit we shifted to out-of-character whispers, but there was still a sense of it taking place in that context, filtered through the exotic masks we were wearing.

I find the experience to be at once amazingly futuristic and charmingly retro - futuristic because, well, it was happening in this utterly fantastiic context, enabled by the Internet; retro because it's just text, going back and forth to a codebase that started some twenty years ago and hasn't really changed in terms of how the player interacts with it since it started.

Lots of stuff hanging for me to do; thankfully spring seems to be here for real now. My to-do list for today includes a chunk of dealing with those Tarot prints - checking just who's actually paid for 'em, getting them towards being prepped for shipping, and probably getting more plexiglass as well, since I know there's more going out. Lists to make and maintain, ugh.
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NSFW (abstract, polychromatic boobies) )
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Rode my bike for the first time in forever. Right after exercising for the first time in weeks, too. I am gonna be so achy tomorrow... but at least I have finally arrived at a design for Lexy that I like. Very cute and personable looking. When she's not threatening to rip Absinthe's head off at least. And she has pretty good reasons to want to do that!

So now I can start drawing pages again. At last. She took time to nail down, but didn't take as long as the wind-up boy; he took MONTHS to get right. Just one more primary character left undesigned, and he's just a matter of caricature, really. All other design chores are just costumes.

Speaking of which, I'm really happy with what Lexy and her buddies wear; I feel like I managed to stick them in stuff that looks more like fashion than uniforms. And manages to both show them off (they're teens, that's important) and to make the adults of this very permissive world shake their heads and sigh (again, always important if you're a teen).
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Quiet as a mouse, there's a new version of the DrivingRevenue code being served on LJ. This change is, of course, not reflected in the latest LJ News post or the latest LJ code release post. And any attempt to bring this up on those posts is probably going to get completely buried under the deluge of "OMG I CAN BUY TEN THOUSAND ICON SLOTS ♥♥♥♥"

This code is much more complex. It's also not obfuscated, which is nice. It also seems to be doing a lot more processing on the remote end - there's no more juicy list of strings to pull out and see just what sites it's linkjacking.

It's even got a credit for a MIT-licensed URL parser it's using. So hooray for not, you know, tripping every single alert in my head that this is probably malicious code within the first ten seconds of looking at it. It's still of dubious ethics but at least it's not acting like it's got tons to hide, you know?

A quick dig into the code shows that it does this:
1. Wake up and get a list of every single link on the page.
2. Send this list to
3. Get back a list of which URLs need to be fuzzled with.
4. Attach code to every single link; upon pressing 'return' or clicking the mouse on the link, check if it's in the list in step 3, and change it.

It also seems to be repeatedly asking for this data at random intervals. Oh, no, I see: when you roll over a link it'll query as to what should be done with it. Sneaky sneaky sneaky.

It is not presently stripping Amazon affiliate IDs, nor is it inserting new ones. It is however Doing Things: an unaffiliated link to China Miéville's upcoming book gets turned into a monstrosity like file:///Users/egypt/Desktop/Friends.html?dr_log=-1&linkout=http%3A// upon cut-and-paste. (where 'file:///Users/egypt/Desktop/Friends.html' is the URL of whatever page you'e viewing).

DrivingRevenue also seems to have learned from the mistakes we found; the problem is no more. I guess they have somewhat more robust code for deciding which links should be munged running on their own server than they were able to kludge up in their original Javascript.

Looks like you can stop most of these shenanigans by blocking And - hell, maybe just disallow all Javascript from LJ if they're gonna keep pulling crap like this without saying a damn thing. Actually if you wanna block this I'd suggest blocking outboundlink.* - they've switched from .net to .me, and will probably switch to some other top-level domain as they keep getting noticed. I'm just blocking anything from myself.

I really need to sit down and figure out the roadblocks to moving my posting habits to Dreamwidth. Let's see: lost some icon associations upon import, need to find out what'll happen if I try a re-import, XJournal needs a little expanding to deal with multiple services. That's about it.

(thanks to [ profile] foxfirefey for the heads-up on the return of this stuff.)

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