May. 12th, 2010

egypturnash: (Default)
Man, Steam for the Mac is really prone to just sitting there pinwheeling. I haven't gotten it to launch anything for me yet; it just sits there eating up tons of CPU when I tell it to run a game...

Also why the fuck are they doing that stupid Windows thing where you can resize their windows from the sides? I don't care if that's what you're used to on Windows, this is a Mac, and it feels wrong.

It does make me happy that I won't have to re-purchase the Monkey Island games if I decide to play them again in my native OS instead of via Crossover. Assuming I can get anything to, you know. Ever actually run.

edit. Oh, looks like the demo of "And Yet It Moves" is the not-running culprit, rather than Steam; a different demo is actually running. And it finally started downloading Portal, to boot. Hmm. Excluding ~/Documents/Steam Content from Time Machine backups seems like a very good idea...

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