May. 4th, 2010

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We went out to dinner tonight, to celebrate Rik having had his last day on his soul-draining job last week.

When we got home, I bought a pair of plane tickets - me and Nick are going to go to Seattle and hunt apartments during the last week of May. We might end up moving during June. Which would be nice as we'll have made my half-joking deadline of "before my next birthday*".

I'd woken up hoping to start getting some of these paid-for Tarot prints in the mail (yes, I have been lax), but threatening rain and Rik dragging me out for tax reasons put the kibosh on that. Thunderstorms are promised tomorrow, I think I'll be dragging prints out on a sunny day thank you very much...

* July 5, if you're curious.
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Man, you don't realize what a convenience hot and cold running water that's safe to drink is until you have to do without for a few days.

This weekend, a water main broke and all of metro Boston had to do without. They were diverting water in from auxiliary reservoirs, so we had water for showers, firefighting, and the like - but it wasn't safe to drink. Not without boiling it first. And it wasn't safe to wash dishes in. Not without soaking them in a solution of bleach afterwards and letting them dry off.

We, personally, fared okay. Got a couple of jugs of bottled water and kept ourselves hydrated, went out to eat rather more than usual - we were planning on going out to eat last night anyway, for purposes of celebrating Rik quitting his job.

But now it's fixed. I ran the water for a while to flush any of the non-potable water out of the pipes, and then I was able to wash the dishes I needed for breakfast. Mmm, granola with yogurt. Yum.

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