Apr. 19th, 2010

egypturnash: (absinthe)
Rode my bike for the first time in forever. Right after exercising for the first time in weeks, too. I am gonna be so achy tomorrow... but at least I have finally arrived at a design for Lexy that I like. Very cute and personable looking. When she's not threatening to rip Absinthe's head off at least. And she has pretty good reasons to want to do that!

So now I can start drawing pages again. At last. She took time to nail down, but didn't take as long as the wind-up boy; he took MONTHS to get right. Just one more primary character left undesigned, and he's just a matter of caricature, really. All other design chores are just costumes.

Speaking of which, I'm really happy with what Lexy and her buddies wear; I feel like I managed to stick them in stuff that looks more like fashion than uniforms. And manages to both show them off (they're teens, that's important) and to make the adults of this very permissive world shake their heads and sigh (again, always important if you're a teen).

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