Apr. 13th, 2010

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I wanted to doodle some stuff in AI. So I opened up a new document. Which, as usual, insisted on filling the entire screen, a practice I dislike. So as usual, I grabbed the window's size widget and brought it down to my preferred size.

Except I grabbed the widget at the very top, and dragged down a bit. Which resulted in a window slightly taller than my screen, with the size widget entirely off the bottom.

This is never supposed to happen on a Mac. I dunno if you can do this shit on Windows, but on a Mac, if you grab a size widget near the top, your cursor will slide down along it when you try to pull it off the bottom of the screen; it just can't get in this disconcerting state. But since Adobe uses tons of fake widgets to get all kinds of horrible Windows-like behavior*, this shit happens.

And the worst part is that I know that this is the result of a couple weeks of someone's life. Someone planned this, someone worked hard to make these windows work in this special, magical way that keeps on surprising me during what should be routine tasks that I do on reflex.

* like those stupid invisible size widgets that run the entire width and height of the window; if I wanted Windows behavior I know where to find it - it continually pisses me off when I try to click in the channel between the edge of the window and my palettes to hit another program's window, and find myself resizing instead. And like that ugly eyesore of the giant grey window that contains all your other windows. Thankfully you can turn that shit right off. But the nasty Windows size-anywhere behavior? Stuck with that shit.

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