Mar. 30th, 2010


Mar. 30th, 2010 02:32 pm
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Yesterday and today seem to have been allocated to recovering from ICon. It's been raining and chilly, and I'm still kinda exhausted, so I haven't really even gotten out of bed.

This is in part because "getting out of bed and getting back to art" requires first unpacking the art I took to the con and back, cleaning up the mold I found on the wall behind where the big pieces had been leaning (luckily nothing seemed to be growing on the art, just the wall), and moving all the art back to where it was - right now it's scattered all around the studio, including in front of the drawing board and my computer desk. I want to get back to drawing, but first I have to get up the energy to get over this hump. I need to get stuff moving on taxes, too, which my grandmother's death will make... interesting.

Meanwhile, here is a happy review of Absinthe. She notes that it's rare that trans characters are allowed to get laid; I haven't really noticed this myself - though this might just be that I consume next to no media about trans characters, since I find most of it to be constrained to transition stories. And having gone through my own transition, I'm just not as interested in that narrative any more.

Sex in Absinthe isn't about delicately dancing around "OMG TRAP NOW I'M GAY". She lives in a world where everyone is perfectly accepting of a woman with a cock; I suppose that's as much of a fantasy as the floating islands orbiting around a giant sleeping woman's head, the animal-people, and the clockwork folks...
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"You have to see this Cat and Girl," Rik told me.

I looked.

Soon afterwards, I was rubbing my boobs on his head while whistling the little riff that closed off every Looney Tunes short, and then moved on to "Entry of the Gladiators" (more commonly known as "The Circus Clown music").

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