Mar. 25th, 2010

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My hair will be BRIGHT BLUE for I-Con this weekend! It sounds like most of the people who're watching me are going to be at Furry Weekend Atlanta if they're doing a con this weekend, but if you're around New York, feel free to come drop by and say hello. I'll be on a few panels, first time I've ever done that.

I have this horrible urge to see if, after getting some quarters and doing laundry, I can run out to a thrift shop and see if I can pull together some quick, cheap gothy outfits. oh, for a lacy corset. Blue hair just seems to bring out the Gorey fangirl in me. It depends on how long I take for laundry, since we're piling art and stuff into a rental car tomorrow morning and setting out!

Progress on Absinthe is still elephantine. Because I have got to just sit down with possible reference materials and nail down Lexy's design. Which I'm procrastinating on for some reason. Grr. I really want to start drawing her; there's some fun stuff involving her in this chapter.

Anyway. Blue hair! Laundry! LAUNDRY.
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Today's indended schedule:

- dye hair
- get quarters
- do laundry
- rinse hair
- pack for con

Today's actual schedule took a sharp divergence somewhere between the "do laundry" and "rinse hair" steps. [ profile] glashund, who is visiting, went to take a shower and discovered that the faucet had stopped working. This was, of course, made apparent after my hair was completely full of blue dye.

Luckily, the building's maintenance folks happened to be around here anyway, working on stuff upstairs - I think they're cleaning up a recently-vacated apartment or something. So it might actually get fixed today.

But this kinda puts the kibosh on my vague hopes of hitting a vintage shop or two in the area for some kind of gothy dress to wear to the con! Ah well. I'll live. And who knows, it might get fixed by the time I'm done with laundry. (speaking of which, it's time to flip the load into the drier.)

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