Mar. 18th, 2010


Mar. 18th, 2010 11:33 pm
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I need to get started on chapter 2 again. I need to stop worrying and throw away my now-passed self-imposed deadline of having it pencilled by the end of this month - with three pages pencilled this is clearly not going to happen.

Nick reminded me that Absinthe should be fun, that we made a pact that we'd quit doing it as soon as it stopped being fun. I don't want to stop doing it; I like doing it - but I'm sitting here looking at the huge pile of work between me and starting to release chapter 2, never mind finishing it, and I just kinda curl up and slither away and do something else. Commissions as my porny alter-ego, reading, travel, anything but just standing at my desk and drawing.

Now, there are clearly things that I need to do before I can get parts of this done - I need to nail down the design of Lexy and her droogs before I can draw the middle part of the chapter, I need to wind myself up to doing what I tend to label the "Where's Waldo" spread before that*. But there's a lot of chapter 2 that rests entirely on already-established designs. And I'm happy with the thumbnails for the whole thing.

I just gotta quit worrying about it, quit thinking about the whole project and just worry about the immediate detail of picking a page and pencilling it. And after 3-4 more are pencilled, about spending time in Illustrator as well. It's a long process and it's not going to get any shorter if I don't work at it in tiny steps.

And then I have the required distraction of readying myself for my first gig as an invited, paid-for guest at a con in... geeze, a couple days more than a week from now. I think I begin to see why Dave Sim quit going to cons after a certain point; they're awesome when they go well, but they interrupt rhythms, they're time that's just not spent turning blank paper into pages of story.

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