Mar. 11th, 2010

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Last week, we became aware that a recently-implemented script was overwriting affiliate referral fees for some of our users. Once we confirmed this, our Ops team quickly removed the script. Please be aware that, while we may beta-test other affiliate scripts down the line, we will take greater measures to ensure that no existing user-referral arrangements are impacted in any way.

- the latest post in lj's news

They're still including and calling the script in every page, too, though the script itself is still just a placeholder comment saying they'll delete it. Sometime.

I have too much other crap going on in my life right now to make the shift and work out the bugs, but I think I'm gonna be moving over to Dreamwidth in a week or two. LJ's been making these kinds of mistakes on a regular basis for too long now and I don't want to have to deal with the next one.

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