Mar. 10th, 2010

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A Miracle of Science - a comic concerning mad scientists, the cops who hunt them, and an entire Martian colony networked into one mind.

With extra bonus points for doing its damndest to make the planetmind sympathetic instead of something so profoundly alien to single humans that it's an accidental menace.
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I'm sitting here blocking on drawing chapter 2 of Absinthe.

One of the major blockages, I've realized, is the fact that we introduce a major character in this chapter - and I still haven't nailed down her design.

So, who out there would like to lend your likeness to the heavy in this story? She's in her teens, leads a gang, and gets to beat the fuck out of Absinthe (and may later have that favor returned). Fairly butch, though she will be seen in a lot of dresses because, well, I like to draw crazy dresses.

You don't have to be in your teens to be my model, but you pretty much do have to be a biological female.

What I need: Photos. From various angles. Hints of those interesting expressions as well as the normal ones. I can make up or find someone to use as inspiration, but I'd really rather have it be from, well, the kind of people this story is about.

Reply in comments with images, or send 'em to with the subject line of "casting call"!
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I needed to wash dishes. So I picked up my floam and my headphones. Washing dishes goes easier with music, you know?

I realized that I was not wearing a dress that had pockets. Now, I could have solved this problem by changing my clothes. Most people might have done this. Not me. I slid the floam down the front of my dress, then lifted up the skirt and stuck the floam into the front of my panties. With the cable running up the front of my dress, hanging over one shoulder, dangling on my back, and going up to the other side of the headphones.

And I found this kind of hot, in an abstract way.

( full post title, since LJ truncates: "when humanity is divided into two clades, one which is symbiotic with their machines and one which is not, i think it is obvious which side i will be on." )

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