Mar. 7th, 2010


Mar. 7th, 2010 01:12 am
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Going to bed hungry
because everything is dirty
and i can't wash what I need to make food
because the sink is completely full
of dirty dishes.

I hate not having a dishwasher in this place.

And while I'm bitching what the fuck is up with our net today? I keep on getting timeouts and going to reset it and having it work for like ten minutes before it starts turning useless again.
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Yesterday, after we went out, I came home and pretty much slept from 5pm until 10 this morning. I must need to catch up on my sleep for some reason. Oh, I was up for a few hours - as my muttering about dishes last night will attest - but I wasn't really functional. Just awake.

And then this morning I had an episode of sleep paralysis, which is never fun - I kept on waking up just enough to peer out of one eye, and not be able to move. Oddly enough instead of it reading as "I can't move" it was manifesting in my head as "Something is wrong with my eye and it's stuck processing an old image instead of what I'm seeing"; I sluggishly dream-felt my way around a dream version of the now-demolished house I grew up in, trying to convince my eyes to wake the hell up and start seeing what was in front of me instead of the red stripes on the wall above the bed. It was frustrating, repetitive, and seemed to go on for hours before I finally woke up enough to realize what was going on, then go back to sleep for a while again.

I wonder if I can get the studio warm enough to work in today. I'd love to get the color map for chapter 2 knocked out, and maybe a page or two pencilled.


Mar. 7th, 2010 02:35 pm
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Chapter 2 has a lot fewer two-page spreads than chapter 1 did; this is largely because 2 is about building the plot, rather than the setting. Although now that I look at it all laid out like this, I think I'm going to extract one panel and turn it into a spread - the story needs a dramatic pause there. It'll make it a little longer but it's not like I have a fixed page count that the economics of printing make me stay within!

Can you find the moment when an important new character is introduced, bringing their own particular mood to the color?

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