Mar. 5th, 2010

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One last thread to pull on.

Previously, I noted that was putting a plaintext affiliate ID into links to Target, rather than a cryptic number like it was doing to Amazon.


Now, Driving Revenue, I'm already 99% sure, is who owns and operates Having the main function in the Javascript be called "DrivingRevenue()" is kind of a strong link, as is having their site served from the same IP as outbound.

But who's "Performics"?

Performics is a search engine marketing, data feed marketing, and online lead generation company owned by the French advertising holding company Publicis Groupe (Euronext Paris: FR0000130577). [...] Performics is based in Chicago, Illinois [...] Founded (as Dynamic Trade) as an Affiliate marketing company in 1998

"Affiliate maketing" is... um... what they're still doing, it seems.

We are conveniently located in the West Loop of Chicago

Interestingly enough, Google owns Performics - they'd gotten bought by DoubleClick, who Google bought. Google owns part of Performics - their old affiliate network division - but Publicis, a French transnational advertising company, owns the rest. And is mentioned on Performics' site.

So is DR a subsidary of Performics? I dunno. Digging through all the marketroid speak on their site is making my brain hurt. But like any good SEO company, Performics is on Twitter. Let's ask 'em directly!
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Still no response on my precise and pointed support request. All the others have been answered. Well, "answered" by a cut&paste statement that speaks volumes by what it doesn't say.

Also, while LJ's "user representative" did drop by my first post on this, he never directly engaged me - there was one comment left to some random dude who was asking "has anyone contacted LJ to ask what's going on".

No appearances by staff in the big chunk of primary research everyone was pointing to. I suspect nobody actually accountable for this thing uses LJ, and none of the LJ-using staff wanted to try and deal with someone in Aggressive Researcher mode asking semi-technical questions... my entire Direct Official Response so far is one comment reply from [ profile] astronewt, a Customer Support Representative.

I wonder how long it'll take to stop including the code that loads and calls the DrivingRevenue() function? Sure, they're now serving a blank .js file (though some people still seem to have it in their caches). But it's loaded by every page. If I put on my tin-foil hat it's easy to imagine a revised, bugfixed version getting silently slipped back in there. hey, Peggy, thanks for telling us what tipped you off about our script, we'll get right on fixing those glitches that make it noticeable!

I've been doing my best to not wear the tin-foil hat, though. It's just time for LJ's yearly spanking, I keep telling myself.

Anyway. I should get a tax number for the upcoming con in New York, and draw some stuff.
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this is why america is great

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