Feb. 17th, 2010

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Huh. I just got an e-mail from a person Japan asking about buying a copy of my deck.

A little earlier this week I got e-mail from my contact at one of the publishers I've sent a sample to (I need to send some more out, but busy/cold/distractable) saying that he himself is definitely interested in the deck and will be pushing for it when the company makes a decision. Nothing firm yet so I'm not mentioning any details in public.

But right now I got this crazy raccoon to draw.
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Today, I did something that made me feel Grown-Up, and not necessarily in a good way: I put "HAVE SEX" on my calendar. And invited one of my husbands to this event.

I also got two pages of pencils of Absinthe done, and just laid out a third. It's a page involving Absinthe fleeing a tense conversation; I decided to make the first panel larger than my thumbnails had it to create a sense of space. Since Absinthe is the one with the comic named after her, it only makes sense for the panel layout to reflect when she feels hemmed-in, right?

But mostly... I scheduled. Sex. I feel old. Or maybe just busy. Yeah. Let's go with "busy".

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