Feb. 14th, 2010

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So [livejournal.com profile] ursulav just posted, in essence, "I'm unfollowing and blocking everyone on Google Buzz because it's ambiguous privacy model has me worried I'll reveal the contact info of my agent and my editor and I'll be the reason they get spammed by a bunch of terrible work."

And I got to thinking. Okay. One of the major reasons newbie authors want an agent is because the received wisdom is that any unagented submission gets tossed on the slushpile, where it might be read sometime in the next three years, if you're lucky.There are other services they provide - networking, seeing opportunities you might not - but from the point of view of someone outside the publishing industry looking to get in, the gatekeeper effect is pretty important.

But what's stopping J. Random Unagented Author from making up a fake agent? Or from getting a friend to play the role - mostly as a maildrop and a real name - in exchange for taking them out to dinner or something? Wikipedia tells me there's an Association of Author's Representatives, but also tells me that not all legit agents are members of that guild. Research the proper forms of communication and play the role and who will know?

Perhaps this bears investigation. Although I have the impression the comic book publishing world is not as big on Requiring An Agent as one of the initial broad filters as the literary world is.

Feel free to tell me exactly why this is a totally stupid idea in the comments.
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These faked-up Cerebus Valentines made me snicker. A lot. A hell of a lot. Enough that I started to feel bad about it because it was all snickering at the expense of a man whose work taught me a hell of a lot about drawing comics, but then I remembered the text parts of "Reads" and stopped feeling bad.

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