Feb. 6th, 2010

egypturnash: (fool(2))
You do not have crazy magneto-rocket rollerblades. Resist the urge to get up to speed, leap onto the subway tracks, and wallgrind through the tunnel. You will find no Poison Jams there to tag.

posted from Park Street station
egypturnash: (Default)
At last, a game written for your inner twelve-year-old girl instead of your inner twelve-year-old boy. Simple but fun. Who doesn't want to be a robot unicorn with a color-cycling mane who leaves rainbows when she jumps, and gets ever-higher amounts of points for crashing through giant crystal stars?

I have a strong suspicion this started out as a clone of Cannabalt. But the second button and the HAPPY COLORS skin combine to make something I'm a lot more interested in playing than the story of some dude running through a grey landscape. Despite the fact that the loop of an Erasure tune gets really annoying really quickly.

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