Feb. 1st, 2010

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Some email from [livejournal.com profile] aprivatefox pointed me in the direction of the 'other' category of a new award. Absinthe is up for a 'Rose and Bay' award, which is about recognizing projects that connect the viewers/patrons (you!) directly with the creators (me and Nick!).

I'm not sure our little dirty comic has much of a chance against juggernaughts like Digger or Girl Genius... but on the other hand, holy fuck, it's pretty awesome to be on the same list as a comic done by someone I've been trying to draw like on and off since I was twelve.

Anyway! Vote for us if you wanna. And while we're talking about awards, I might as well mention that the Ursa Majors are open for nominations too.
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I went to the comic book shop today and got some things. Latest issue of Rasl, another Girl Genius collection (#7, I'm not exactly up to date), some Hellboy, this really fascinatingly weird thing called King City that feels like a cross between Moebius and Jet Grind Radio...

...And a collection of Jim Woodring's Frank.

I've been vaguely aware of Woodring and the many accolades he's received, but I have not actually read any of his comics up until today. This was a wise move, because Woodring, it turns out, is a man who has seen outside of our reality. Seriously. There are sequences all through these wordless stories that I can read as nothing but encounters with things from outside the three-dimensional world. His nervous horizontal hatching creates a weird sort of... energy to the panels. And I keep seeing it when I close my eyes. Which is not a good thing.

Right now the book is on the bookshelf, beneath a plush unicorn named Olive. I am not entirely joking when I say this is to keep myself safe from the baleful radiation of the portal to a malign hyperdimensional world that lives in the head of Jim Woodring, and has encoded itself upon paper.

Maybe I need to draw something to purge myself of Woodring's sigils. But I'm not sure what.

- Ed Emberly, The Wizard of Op
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op art cut )

Ah, that's much better. Staring at this while I work on it has chased Woodring's horizontal vibrations right out of my system.

There's stuff that's going to go on top of this but I'm seriously thinking it's time for sleep.

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