Jan. 30th, 2010


Jan. 30th, 2010 08:37 am
egypturnash: (SHODAN)
8:32:46 AM Ashy: What are your plans for today?
8:33:17 AM Egypt Urnash: Shiver.
8:34:28 AM Egypt Urnash: I mean, I'm thinking about getting out of bed and having some breakfast and taking a shower, and that feels like an epic undertaking. Never mind trying to get some fucking art done. Which I would dearly love to do but the studio is freezing.
8:34:51 AM Egypt Urnash: The guys have suggested trying to warm it up with two space heaters but I am doubtful.
8:35:14 AM Egypt Urnash: Also maybe I'll go to the store and get some kleenex and toilet paper. We are out of both. This is NOT GOOD.
8:35:34 AM Egypt Urnash: But it is seven fucking degrees outside.
8:35:47 AM Egypt Urnash: This city is miserable.
8:36:45 AM Egypt Urnash: No wonder the Puritan mindset flourished here. It's too goddamn cold to be sensual and decadent.

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